Tuesday, April 24

Giveaway: ZeroWater

My drink of choice is water.  My family and I drink water all day long.  We have decent water from the tap but we still filter it.  We currently have a filter built into our refrigerator, so we can have ice and cold water any time.  I thought the filtered water from the refrigerator was really good until I tasted the ZeroWater.
  The ZeroWater pitcher came with a TDS (total dissolved solids) device to measure ppm (particles per million).  Basically it tells you out of a million particles in your water how many are something besides water.  The water from our tap was 32 ppm and the refrigerator filtered water was 24 ppm.  It was better than the tap but the water still had some non water particles.  The water from the ZeroWater pitcher was 0 ppm.
   I asked Princess A to try the different waters and tell me which one she liked better.  I did not tell her which water was which.  After she tried them both she said that the other water had more flavor but she liked the ZeroWater water much better. 
   My girls keep water bottles at their desk during school and the both asked if the could have the ZeroWater instead of the refrigerator filtered water.  My husband is also a fan.  He takes 4-5 reusable water bottles when he leaves for the gym before work.  All this week he has been using the ZeroWater pitcher to fill his water bottles.  We are still using the water from the refrigerator, as it is just so much easier for the fridge to make ice cubes, but if given the choice my family drinks water from the ZeroWater pitcher.
   We have been keeping the pitcher on the counter instead of the refrigerator.  The pitcher does fit in my refrigerator but it takes up lots of room.  I do need to clean out my refrigerator so hopefully once I do that I will have more room for the pitcher.
   How is your water?  My family and I are very picky about our water so I am excited that during the Summer we can bring the pitcher with us on vacation.  So many time when we go on vacation we end up buying lots of bottled water.  I always feel so wasteful throwing away all of those bottles.  This year we can just bring the pitcher with us when we drive to the beach this summer.
   If you are considering purchasing your own ZeroWater pitcher The discount code MC30, will give you 30% off a 10 Cup ZeroWater pitcher here.
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I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of ZeroWater and received a water pitcher to facilitate my review, two pitchers to giveaway, and extra filters to thank me for taking the time to participate.


  1. Barbara

    the nearest TDS reading to me was 90 but I am sure my water is worse.

  2. 358, i really hope I win. I don't want to keep giving my kids dirty water!


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