Monday, January 10

Playing in the Snow

We love Daddy but we know he hates the snow, so we were all pleasantly surprised when he suggested we go out to play in the snow. Of course he also suggested we play at the park so that the grass is not trampled all over.
My wonderful husband, torturing himself for us.
(He really does hate snow!)

Princess A had a blast making giant snowballs to smash on Daddy.

I threw a few myself (we have a rule: only hit below the neck and gently.)

Princess G got Daddy (and mommy) with a few snowballs of her own.

They then started to make a snowman, well they tried but the snow just did not stick well.

We only played for about 30 minutes because we did not want to be late for Tangled.
The girls were getting sold but it still took a while to convince them to go home.

As we were leaving Princess G ran back one last time to say goodbye to her snow mountain. It was still there a few days later.

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