Tuesday, August 11

Fancy Lessons by Princess A

I found this posted on my refrigerator:
Learn to be foncu (fancy) with Lessons from A.
Can anyone guess which book Princess A has been reading??
Princess A told us that when her door opened she was ready to give us our fancy lessons.
I must say our instructor was very fancy indeed!
Since Daddy was at work Princess G and I were the only students.

First we shown two piles of books, fancy books on the left and plain books on the right. Later during free time we each got to read a book from the fancy pile.
Sunny and Pinky modeled the difference between fancy and plain.

Then it was time for a test. Princess G and I had to separate the dolls into two pile, fancy and plain.

We got all the doll correctly separated except the doll in blue in the plain pile, I wrongly put her in the fancy pile.
Princess A went over how to be fancy again. We then had free time, to read the fancy books. The lessons then ended just in time for a snack.
Princess A is thinking a having more fancy lessons next weekend so Daddy can attend too.

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