Sunday, July 26

Birthday Party Bash for Wii Review

Princess A just adores Birthday Party Bash. She wants to play it everyday and would if I let her play the Wii everyday. Up to 12 people can play Birthday Party Bash at a time. Princess A likes setting up parties with 5 or 6 people each time even if she is the only one playing. There are lots of themes to pick for your Birthday Party Bash but the girls pick Princess every time! Once you pick the theme it is time to play the party games to earn your party. The number of people playing a particular game is dependent on how many Wii remotes you have. If you have less than four, we have two, then in our case two of the players in a game are controlled by the Wii remote and the other two are controlled by the game. After the game is played you have earned more of your party, for example decorations, cake and such. The next game is played with the next group of people. So in our house if Princess A picks 4 players then the first game is player 1 and 2 (the other two characters in the game are controlled by the game). The next game is players 3 and 4. The third game is players 1 and 2 again and so on. Princess A loves playing Birthday Party Bash and Princess G likes to watch. Princess A loves playing Birthday Party Bash by herself or with me. After playing the games your party is earned and you get to sing "Happy Birthday." Each time you play through a party the order of the games is changed and there are so many mini games every game is not played during each party. Princess A likes to just play the mini games separately sometime to practice so she can beat me the next time we play. The Birthday Party Bash also came with postcard invitations for a birthday party and a Duncan Hines coupon, buy one get one free. My girls love throwing pretend parties (Hippo and Pinkie have a birthday a few times a week) and so this was perfect for them. Princess A and I highly recommend Birthday Party Bash and I know she will be playing for a long time.

Thank you Mom Central for this review opportunity

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