Wednesday, July 1

Guitar Hero Modern Hits and Decades Tour Review

I was so excited to do a review of Activision’s Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits and Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades. I have been hearing about Guitar Hero for so long but I had never played it. When I first tried Guitar Hero I played a few practice games before I got the hang of holding down the right button and using the pick stylus at just the right time. Once I got the hang of it (and finally went through the tutorial and figured out the star shapes and the electric bonus) I had a blast. The girls wanted to try it too. They did not get the timing just right but still thought it was fun. The two games, Activision’s Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits and Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades just ROCK!!! I was having such fun my husband wanted to play. He has a PSP and never really plays DS unless one of the girls ask him for help with one of their games. We put one game in each DS and decided to have a Guitar Hero duel! It was so fast and easy to set up the dual player game. We played three songs and I won all three!! My husband thought the songs were fantastic and the playing against each other made it so much more fun. I like that at the top of the screen is a dial that indicates who is in the lead (it reminded me of those meters they have in movies to measure how loud the crowd is and the louder they are the more they like the group playing.) A great feature is that you can pause in the middle of a duel and both games pause. It came in handy when the girls kept needing my help. I have been playing for days and can't wait to play against my darling husband when he get home from work. Each game is fantastic on it own. You get to work your way up a career, play venues, get paid, buy stuff and rock out. Personally playing against someone else just give the game another dimension. Plus you get the songs from each game when you play a dual player game, doubling the songs available!! I can see myself playing this game over and over for a very long time.

Guitar Hero is also having a contest on their Facebook page to win some great Guitar Hero stuff. Click here to go to their Facebook page, sign in to Facebook and click the Sweepstakes button at the top of the page. Good Luck!

Thank you Mom Central for this review opportunity

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