Saturday, July 18

Day Four of Our Trip to Disneyland

We woke up early and finally went to Toontown Madness. It comes with our Disney package we bought through Costco but we never go. This year we finally went it it was really fun.
We got this great picture right before Minnie and Mickey left to get ready for the show/parade.

After the show no one got in line for pictures with Pluto so we kept taking more and more.
The girls got a picture with both Chip and Dale, I have no idea which one this is!

This year we also tried the roller coaster in Toontown for the first time and both girls loved it. We went on it a few times in a row before they would let us go somewhere else.

Isn't this a great picture. Last year we only had one family group picture so this year I made sure to get a few.

The girls really wanted to go on the Nemo ride so we went to get in line. When we found out it was over an hour wait Daddy went to get the stroller. While we were waiting Princess A was admiring the pins of one of the attendants. We ended up trading some pins and with out us asking he put us in line for the very next sub. As we were heading to California's Adventure Park we saw Pinocchio. We had never seen Pinocchio before so this was the first time we were able to get a picture with him.

The day before Princess A was so excited to meet Ariel she forgot to show her the picture she drew of her in the scrapbook. She was so disappointed I went and asked at Ariel's Grotto if we could get Ariel to sign it. We had to wait a little while, until brunch started, but then we got the signatures and some extra pictures.

We then went and rode Toy Story Mania one more time and the girls each won another stuffed animal at the Rubber Duckie Carnival game. (Princess A won a platypus and Princess G the largest prize, the large duck!) When we were coming out of the Disney's Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular (which was great) we saw the Heroes. That is what the girls call the Incredibles.

We happen to get them as they were headed back inside so we had to get this picture as Mr. Incredible was walking. What a mommy does to get her girls a picture.

The last thing we did was watch the Pixar Play Parade. It was so cute and we all enjoyed it. Much better that the new parade in Disneyland, Celebrate! A Street Party. We really tried to like it. It is really not a parade but more a Disney character version of High School Musical. So if you like High School Musical you might like it but we did not. The music was not that great either, we actually ate inside so we would not hear it. I just miss the great parades from before, especially the Parade of Dreams. We still sing the Welcome song all of the time.

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