Wednesday, July 15

Day Three of Our Trip to Disneyland

This was the day of characters, besides Pooh and Tigger we did not see any Disney Characters the first two days. As soon as we entered Disneyland we saw Pluto.

We saw Minnie but while in line we spotted Donald Duck with almost no one in line. This is the first time the girls have taken a picture with Donald and they were very excited.

We hopped back in line with Daddy and they got to meet Minnie Mouse! I just wish we had the Minnie Mouse ears that day.

We also met Alice, the Mad Hatter, Cruella and Goofy.

Next we rushed over to Ariel's Grotto in California's Adventure Park to have brunch with the Disney Princesses. This girls were very excited to meet Ariel. Princess A was so excited she forgot to show her the picture she drew in her sketch book of Ariel and we had to come back another day to show her.
The girls barely ate since they we so excited waiting to meet with Cinderella.
The next princess was Snow White, she was so sweet.

Princess Aurora is Princess G's favorite princess and she was tickled pink and kept dancing in circles waiting for our turn.
Princess G's second favorite princess is Belle. The girls just love seeing the princesses and it is so nice to see almost all of of them in one spot instead of trying to find them all over or waiting in that huge line at the Princess Faire in Disneyland.

Daddy wanted a picture with Lightening McQueen and Mater. This was new as we did not see them last year.
We also went in the newly updated Small World. A few Disney characters are now incorporated in the ride, it was fun trying to find them all. We found new ones each time we went on the ride.

We finally took the girls to Mickey's Toontown. Their favorite room in all of the houses is Minnie's kitchen. They would stay for hour if we let them. We always have to make a wish in her wishing well on the way out too!!

Last year we went to a small Aladdin show in Disneyland and got to meet Jasmine and Aladdin afterwards. The show was cancelled but when we came off of the Jungle Cruise they were at the entrance taking pictures. The girls were so happy as they both were a little disappointed that the show was cancelled (we still saw the big production in California's Adventure Park but they love the more personal show too!)
We were getting hungry and decided on chicken sandwiches for dinner. While we waited for Daddy to get the food Princess A was picked for the Jedi Training Academy. Last year she was picked but when she saw Darth Vadar and was scared that he would hurt her with his Lightsaber and left the stage. I explained to her that it is against Earth Law to bring real Lightsabers to earth so he was just using a practice one. Once I convinced her of that she couldn't wait to battle Darth Vadar the next time we came. She was so excited to be picked and she did defeat Darth Vadar in battle! I will post the video later.
We finally rode the Autotopia and we all decided to call it a night.

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