Monday, July 20

Day Five of Our Trip to Disneyland

We were up at at the park by 7 am to use our one early morning admission. Since we went on Nemo's submarine the day before (it was our original plan to go on that the last morning) we let the girls pick whatever they wanted.

They both picked Dumbo!!!!

Next the girls wanted to ride the carousel again and of course Princess G wanted to ride 'Roses'!!

Since the park was not that full we took some pictures in front of the castle.
I just love this picture of Princess A.

We also finally went to met Tinker Bell and Friends in the new Pixie Hollow.

The girls met Iridessa, she was so sweet. The girls were hoping for Silvermist, as she is their favorite, but Iridessa was a treat too.

Of course they loved meeting Tinkerbell and showing her their new Tinkerbell Fairy wands.

Teacups are always a huge hit with the girls. After that we went on the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion again and again. The girls love those two ride and we did each at least six times each, if not more during our trip.
We were all getting a little tired so we decided to go and watch the Aladdin show again. It was fantastic! When we came out we were able to meet Sully. We did not get an autograph since Sully is allergic to paper.

Next we finally went to Turtle Talk since Princess A had a very important question to ask. "How did Marlin end up on the turtle's backs?" She did not get picked to ask her question the first or second show. We asked the host the question in case she knew. Since she did not know the answer she called Crush back and he answered our question. It was so exciting to have just the four of us and the host all alone with Crush to ask our questions.
As we came out of Turtle Talk we saw Woody! Princess G is so into Jessie and all of the other Toy Story characters right now. It was a great end to a great trip.
It has been over a month since we went to Disneyland and the girls are still talking about everything we saw and did. They are already planning our next trip. I think it might be a few years but you never know it could be sooner, at least I hope so!!!

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  1. Loved looking at your Disneyland pics, it brought back some great memories for me and my children. :)


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