Tuesday, October 20

Freecycle and Craig's List

I went through the girls' rooms and purged whatever they don't use or need anymore. I did keep some clothes and sentimental toys. I sold a few items on Craig's List. I sold the horse above, baby sling, glider rocker, a lot of clothes and a few other things. I also offered a few things on Freecycle: lots of kid clothes, potty seats, some food, sippy cups and DVD player. If you have never used Freecycle the way it works is you join a local group in your area and then members post wants, offers and needs. Other members then respond and coordinate a time and place to exchange the item. No money is to exchange hands, everything has to be offered for free. I usually just send them my address and leave the stuff on my front porch. Freecycle is great for those items that you want to giveaway but would probably be thrown out by a charity they were donated to. It is also nice knowing that the items are going to be put to good use. Some of the clothes were not posted as an offer instead I gave them to people who posted they needed the clothes. I know those warm clothes are keeping a little one warm now. I had a few no shows for people to pick things up so I donated the rest of the items to the Goodwill. It feels good to pass on stuff we don't use anymore plus now someone else can put them to good use.

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  1. Well done! It's not easy to declutter. I have a heck of a time.

    I've never used freecycle or craigslist but my husband is always looking there.


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