Friday, October 9

Little Gym Birthday Party

Last weekend we finally attended a party at Little Gym. After four years here we have never been before. We showed up right on time and I am so glad we did. No one else showed up for thirty minutes and then it was another twenty minutes before any one else showed up. (The party was only ninety minutes and the play time was the first hour only.) The Princesses and the birthday boy had the whole place to themselves for a long time.
The girls picked out their own outfits. This skirt (which is a size 18 months) was in the giveaway pile when she pulled it out and put on. I know she is little but I can't believe that it fits her, though I will say it was always too big and the girls never wore it.

Princess A loved the bars. She climbed on the bars over and over again.

They both also liked the balance beam and the uneven bars. I climbed up on the uneven bars and did a few flips myself. I would like to say do not wear jeans when flipping over bars with your knees. Trust me it is not a good idea.

Now for the best part the wheel!!
The Princesses jumped on, the wheel was turned and they flipped over on to a cushion. Next they inflated a bouncy ramp. I joined the girls as we bounced to the end, ran around to the beginning and went again. We took a break for pizza, cake and presents.
Time was almost up but the girls snuck in a few more minutes of play. The girls had lots of fun and of course want to take classes at the Little Gym. I told the girls that we could but then they would not be able to continue with ballet as mommy was only doing one.
(Sorry about the picture quality, they are from my phone. I remembered the camera but not the memory card.)

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