Wednesday, October 2

Disney Frozen Costumes at JCPennys

We picked these up at JCPennys today, the girls wanted to be Elsa and Anna from the new Disney movie Frozen. They had a few of the larger sizes (XL-10 and L-8) but mostly 3/4 and 5/6. They are $36 but the $10 off $25 coupon that ends today works.

Friday, August 16

Rainbow Loom

We bought ours earlier this week at Michael's. The cost was $16.99 plus tax. Note I was told that no coupons or discounts can be used on then.
The girls have been having a blast making bracelets and even invented their own pattern.

Monday, August 12

$25 Complete Glasses at JCPennys

The girls each picked out new glasses. For the month of August, a complete pair of glasses including lens and frames up to $120, are only $25 each at JCPennys. We did the same deal last year and the glasses are great. A perfect back up pair.
What do you think? Aren't they so cute.

Wednesday, August 7

Birthday Waterslide!

Princess G received a waterslide at her birthday party and they are both loving it!

Tuesday, August 6

National Night Out

Our neighborhood has a huge get together. This year we were able to attend. The girls had so much fun and even got to meet some horses.

Sunday, August 4

Happy Sisters Day

The girls open a gift to share for Sisters day. They are already making stuff!

Thursday, July 25

New Clip for Disney's PLANES

My girls are so excited for this movie and love when a new clip is posted!
I love the Chupacbra line :)

Tuesday, July 9

Fourth of July Sleepover

Since fireworks are legal in our county people go crazy.  Fireworks go off all night long even though they are suppose to stop at midnight.  I figured since the girls would not get much sleep they might as well have a sleepover.  Princess G slept on the air mattress on the floor of Princess A's room.  They both had so much fun and when I checked on them at 11:30 they were both fast asleep.

Sunday, July 7

Painting the Kitchen

Over the Fourth of July we painted our kitchen. We did the first coat on the fourth and finished the second coat over the weekend.  We pick a pale but bright yellow.  The kitchen was yellow before but the yellow had an orange undertone.  I love the new color and very glad that we are done painting for a while!

Monday, June 24

Sweet Treat at Tully's in Bellvue

We stopped for some treats and decaf to enjoy. We wore match scarves :)

Friday, June 21

McGlinn's Public House in Wenatchee

The day after school ended we went with Daddy to Wenatchee for his work.  Our favorite place to eat is McGlinn's Public House.  We have to eat there every time we visit, well all three times so far.  We have eaten both lunch and dinner and both were great, but it can get busy for dinner, at least it did when we were there.  The food is always fresh and so delicious.  We may go back again this summer and I know where we will have at least one meal: McGlinn's Public House

Wednesday, June 19

Last Day of School

For the last day of school I took the girls out for our traditional Thai lunch at our favorite restaurant.  I also gave the girls some end of the school year gifts.  They each received a new pink scarf, a white eyelet dress (I found both at a thrift store!) and a Merida (Brave movie) book to share.  I can't believe that the girls will be in 5th and 3rd grade in the Fall!

Friday, June 14

Monster's University!

We saw Monster's University, at a sneak preview, and it was fantastic! They had new stuff but also successfully (but in surprising ways) tied in what happens later in the original, Monsters Inc. My only disappointment is that the disco ball scene is not in the movie. Besides that, the movie was terrific and we can't wait to see it again! Do you plan to see the movie?

Thursday, March 7

Princess G Loses Her Tooth

Of course almost as soon as we started our overnight trip Princess G lost her tooth. It fell and some how ended up inside the side of the car. Luckily the Tooth Fairy used her magic to get it out that day. This morning we found, from the Tooth Fairy, a nice note, stuffed Hello Kitty and a dollar. This was her 7th tooth she has lost

Monday, February 4


We saw Amaluna over the weekend and it was fantastic! If you are in the Seattle area I believe the show is here through March.

Tuesday, January 22

Simple Truth from Fred Meyer

Yesterday I took the girls grocery shopping and let them pick out a treat. They were very excited to try the milk chocolate drops from Simple Truth (sold at Fred Meyer) since they are artificial dye-free. Since the girls can't have the petroleum based dyes and preservatives, this was exciting to them: candy they can eat! They were very yummy, the only difference was they are less crunchy than M&Ms.

UPDATE: (5/15/14) Since Simple Truth from Fred Meyer contains GMOs we don't eat them anymore.

Tuesday, January 15

My Budding Actress

Princess A and her class wrote and acted in a play based on the book Call of Courage.

Friday, January 11

Girl Scout Cookie Orders

Girl Scout Pre-ordering starts today in Western Washington. What cookies are you going to order from a Girl Scout you know?
My favorite is the Thin Mint but I love them all!

Thursday, January 10

Happy Meal Reward

A few McDonalds in our area recently were remodeled and to celebrate, for a few weeks: Thursdays are $1.99 Happy Meals.

Thursday, January 3

Unreal Candy #mamavation

Look what they found in their stockings!

 Update: (5/15/14) Since these are NonGMOs we buy these at Target all the time!

Wednesday, January 2

Enjoying Last Day of Winter Break

We decided to have a tea party for the last day of winter break and to warm up on a very cold morning.

Tuesday, January 1

Auntee B's Cafe

We decided try to try a new place for breakfast. The food was delicious and we can't wait to go back.