Monday, December 28

Homemade Waffle Cones

My husband has been on an ice cream in waffle cone kick for a while now.  He loves finding local ice cream shops near us or anywhere he is traveling.  Since we went nonGMO over two years ago we have not had ice cream cones at home (cake or waffle).  Well I decided to get him a waffle cone maker for our anniversary.  Now I am not sure how many people would love a waffle maker as an anniversary gift but my husband does.  He was so excited as soon as he opened it, especially since I had bought three cartons of our favorite ice cream to go with it.  I read lots of reviews all over the internet and on and in the end I chose Chef's Choice 838 Waffle Cone Express Ice Cream Cone Maker.  I have used the waffle maker over five times in the last three weeks and it works great every time.  The first time is a little scary and takes a little longer (or at least it did for me because I kept checking for doneness on the cone).  Now I know exactly what setting to use (just past 3 so I don't see the three) and count 20 seconds after the green light turns back on.  I pull the cooked cone out onto the clean towel and roll over the mold, lastly I pinch the end with the towel to stop ice cream drips, or at least most of the drips.  What even taste better is to scoop the ice cream into the cone while it is still warm, it just brings it to an even higher level of yumminess!