Monday, June 13

Dr. Scholl's Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts Review

I have never worn inserts but I wonder if I should have. I have the hardest time finding shoes that are comfortable. Most shoes just make my feet hurt if I wear them or try and walk in them more than a little bit. I have narrow feet and high arches. i was given the opportunity to try out Dr Scholl's Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts. The first thing I did was find a Dr Scholl's kiosk (my local Walmart had one). At the kiosk I took off my shoes and followed the directions on the screen. It involved standing on both feet and then each foot by themselves. The machine did some calculations and told me the perfect insert for my feet. Just to me sure I did the whole thing a second time and I got the same results. Once I received the pair of inserts (one for each foot) I tried them out in my favorite shoes. At first it felt a little strange but comfortable. I had complete support in my arches. After a little while I did not even notice that my shoes felt any different except that my feet seemed less tired. Some days I am on my feet all day and others I thankfully get to sit some of the time. To me it seemed as though I can walk (or stand) longer with less tiredness (is that a real word?)

I wish I had know about these sooner and with a price of $50 it is much less than a custom fit at a doctors. If you would like to try them I also have a link to a $7.50 Dr. Scholl’s rebate just for you (

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Dr. Scholl’s and received a Custom Fit Orthotics from Dr. Scholl’s to facilitate my review.

Wednesday, June 8

Disneyland Day Five

We started our last day inOf course our first ride had to be onAuntie Babe joined us just as Princess G finished another ride on Roses (a carousel horse) behindNext we tried Casey's Circus Train. I have not been on this ride in years.
Back for another ride onWe realized that we never got a picture with Mickey so we went to his house to try and find him.
Mickey was in his living room so after taking our picture we wandered through the rest of theAuntie Babe and Princess A decided to try and ride the roller coaster with their hands up the whole time.
At last it was time to battle Darth Vader. Princess G planned on battling him too but she started to feel a little sick on last day (mostly just being over tired.)
Princess A defeated Darth Vader just as we knew sheA picture with my cutie!
This is how we got around the parks.
Princess A loved pushing her sister but in crowds I usually took over so we would not rum overThis is my favorite picture of all of us from our trip.
Too soon it was time toHere we are back in Seattle at the airport.

Disneyland Day Four

This morning we waited to see theirWhile we were waiting we found a great group to take picturesFinally Auntie was here! We went straight to the submarine since it had less than a 10 minute wait (it was the shortest time we ever saw so we had to take advantage of that!)
Soon it was time to head over to California Adaventure so we could have breakfast at Areil's Grotto with all of the Princesses. Besides Ariel we took pictures with Snow White, Aurora, Cinderealla andAfter a big meal we explored the backlot area.
The girls love playing in this area, The next spot where you can add your voice to a cartoon or song is thier veryEventually Auntie had to rejoin her hich school band for some classes. We decided to hop on the train (to give Daddy's foot a rest.)
We stopped at the house of innovation and Princess A was picked to perform someThe girls loved all of the differnt stuff in the house and both would love to move in, of course part of the appeal is that Disneyland is right outside.
We planned on getting right back on the train but it was a very short line so we drove someEventually we rode the train to New Orleans Square.
I have never see the Mardi Gras Mickey and Minnie before, they were soWe staked out a spot to watch the Fantasmic show and ate Gumbo.
While we waited for the fireworks and then the Fantasmic show to start Daddy held our spot while the girls, Auntie and I took turns going on rides and exploring.
The two shows were simply great and well worth the wait!!

Disneyland Day Three

We started our day being greeted by Minnie Mouse as soon as we arrived.Princess G decided that she wanted to try Space Mountain so that is where we went first.
She then decided at the last moment that she was not ready so I went with Princess A.
(Princess G tried twice but was just not ready, maybe next time!)
We let Princess G pick the next spot and she wanted to try the ride in Fairytale land.
Just Bliss!!!!
Of course we had to take a ride on her favorite horse 'Roses'.
We can back later in the day to ride her again.
Princess A also picked out a favorite horse.
Then it was off to New Orleans Square, which means a ride on the Pirate of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion.
The girls wanted to climb Tarzan's Tree house so the girls and I left Daddy to rest and off we went. Princess G made it up about 20 steps before I got to carry her the rest of the way up and then down. There really are a lot of steps!Next we decided to go and explore the island, especially since the girls had never been over there before.
They loved all of the caves and the cool tree house!
After a very long time exploring it was time to ride back to shore!
The girls wanted to play in Toon Town.
I love getting a picture of them having tea in Minnie's house.
A rare picture of all of us.
I love this picture with Walt, Mickey and the castle in the background.
For a perfect ending to a great day we enjoyed a Sundae together at the ice cream shoppe on Main Street. It was so yummy!