Saturday, May 31

Still Going Strong!!

Well I am hoping it will last and so far Princess G is doing great at using the potty. We had one accident yesterday when we were outside planting some plants. She tells me when she has to go potty, and gives me plenty of warning. Princess A would always tell me less than a minute before she had to go. I learned to run when she said she had to go potty. Many of time I was that crazed mother running through a store with two kids in my arms for the bathroom. At home she liked to tell me just as it was coming out. Now for Princess G she gives me plenty of time to nicely walk to the bathroom. Back after Christmas I even bought her a Dora doll that comes with a pony. She had a chart and if she filled it up she got the toy. She had no interest after using the potty once. Well today we gave it to her (no chart) since she has been doing so great. I really hope this is it, fingers crossed!! We are still using Pull-ups for night time. Now here is a weird fact Princess A was potty trained at night for almost a year before she was during the day.

Wednesday, May 28

Happy Dance!!

Princess G finally went in the potty twice today!! Every once in a while she goes in the potty but never twice in one day!! I hope this means she will finally start going in the potty. I am really tired of changing diapers/pull-ups! Now I don't want to get too excited, my daughters like to pretend they are potty trained for a few days and then just stop.

Monday, May 26

Ice Cream Cake Photo

Here is the photo of the ice cream cake I made as promised. As you can see my family had some of the ice cream cake before I could take a picture.

Friday, May 23

Ice Cream Cake

Two weeks ago we went to wedding and the girls were so excited to have some wedding cake. We waited and waited and finally left before they cut the cake (we learned later they cut it about 9pm and we left at 6:30pm). They girls were a little disappointed so DH husband told they he would get them an ice cream cake. We picked one up from Baskin Robbins and it was great but a little pricey. I thought "I bet I could make that" and I did. Yesterday I lined my round cake pan with plastic wrap and filled it with vanilla ice cream, covered it with more plastic wrap and put it in the freezer overnight. Today I removed the plastic wrapped ice cream from the cake pan and put it in the freezer again. Then using two cake pans (the same one used for the ice cream) I baked a two chocolate cake layers and let them cool for a few hours. I then whipped some more vanilla ice cream in the mixer while I placed the pre-made ice cream layer between the two cake layer. I frosted the cake with the whipped ice cream very fast, covered it with more plastic wrap and froze again. We had some after dinner and it was wonderful. I can't wait to make it again. The girls want one with strawberry ice cream and I want one with mint chip!

Thursday, May 22

Vincent shoes

I just ordered the cutest pairs of sandals for the Princesses at Vincent shoes. I won a gift certificate in a baby naming contest on Thingamababy a few months ago and I finally used it today. I bought each of the girls pink Kelly shoes seen above. I can't wait for them to get here. I was a little unsure buying shoes without the girls trying them on first. I printed out the shoe fitter's guide from the site and feel better that I picked the right size. On a side note Princess A's two feet are half a size different. I thought I was just measuring wrong but when I put her feet together you can see that one is bigger.

Wednesday, May 21

Snow cone machine

I want to get the girls a snow cone machine. Last summer Princess A asked everyday "When is the ice cream truck coming? Can I get a snow cone?" They only came by our house three times last year and we only caught them once (they really speed by!!) She has already started asking again, though with a high of 57 tomorrow I doubt we will hear the ice cream truck music soon. I think I will buy a snow cone machine. I had a snoopy one when I was a kid and I remember turning that crank a lot. I am the oldest of four so I had to crank enough ice for four snow cones. This time I want to get one that crushes/scrapes the ice for you. I am going to be doing some research and will let you know which one I pick. If any of you have bought one which ones are great and which ones are hard to use!

Monday, May 19

Bertolli Dinner for Two

I love these Bertolli Dinner for Two on nights that I don't have enough time to make a meal from scratch (or days when it is too hot to be in the kitchen long). I find for myself that the there is a bit too much sauce for the amount of pasta. I usually cook up about half a pound of pasta (I try and match the pasta used in the frozen meal.) Princess A does not like most sauces so I usually just give her the plain pasta with the veggies and meat picked out of the Bertolli Dinner. I add the rest of the pasta to the Bertolli Dinner and it is enough for all of us for dinner. We don't usually have leftover for DH to take to work but it is just enough for dinner. I give the girls some cut up fruit and veggies and make a salad for DH and myself. As for cooking I just pour the bag into a skillet, cover, stir once after 5 minutes and after another 5 minutes it is done. I mention this because around here the regular price is from $6.99 to $8.99. Today I went to Albertson's and if you buy the bags in increments of 5 bags you end up paying $4. The Bertolli Dinner for Two are $6 each but for every $15 you spend they take $5 off the total. So if you buy 5 @ $6 the total is $30 take $5 off twice and the total you pay is $20 for 5 meals. The last day for the deal is tomorrow.

Sunday, May 18


It was 95 degrees yesterday which is 30 degrees over normal for our area. The princesses were outside running through the sprinkler by 9 am. About ten o'clock they got Daddy to scrub their kiddie pool. It was on the side of the house all winter and a bit dirty. By 11 o'clock it was just too hot outside even in the shade and in the pool. I got the girls to come in and we had lunch. I never let them out in the backyard the rest of the day. Later we went out to pick of some bricks (DH is putting in a walkway) and the temperature gauge on the car read 95 degrees. I would have liked to use the grill outside to cook dinner but we have not replaced the Grill (that was nested in) yet. I pulled out the Foremen grill instead. The salmon turned out great as did the asparagus. Today was a little cooler but still hot. Princess A had her best friend come over and all three girls played in the Elmo sprinkler, kiddie pool and chased each other with spray bottles. A little too warm but still a great weekend.

Thursday, May 15

Hairbow Holder

From my earlier post (sorry I still have to take a picture) you know I just started making fancy hair bows for my little princesses. I would love to win a beautiful Mini Hairbow Holder to display all of the pretty bows I hope to eventually make. The Kiddie Clique is giving away a Mini Hairbow Holder from I would really love to win. The contest will run until Monday the 19th.

Ice Cream Cupcake Cones

• two 12-count boxes (1 3/4 oz. each) wafer-style ice cream cones
• 1 81/2-oz. box chocolate cake mix (plus additional ingredients as directed on package)
• 4 cups crushed cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookies (such as Oreos)
• 1/2 gallon mint-chocolate chip ice cream
• 12-oz. jar hot fudge sauce
• 1 1/2 cups thawed frozen whipped topping


1. Preheat oven to 350┬║F. Stand each wafer cone in the cups of two 12-cup muffin pans. Prepare cake mix according to package directions. Fill each wafer cone 2/3 full with batter. Bake 18 to 20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in center of cupcake comes out clean. Cool completely on wire rack.

2. While cupcake cones are cooling, prepare ice cream. Place crushed cookies in a shallow dish or pie plate. Carve out 24 small scoops of mint chip ice cream; roll in crushed cookies. Place cookie-coated scoops on a baking sheet lined with wax paper; freeze until firm.

3. When cupcakes are cool, slice off rounded tops from each (scoop out a little cake so the ice cream fits better)and discard. Top each one with a prepared ice cream scoop.

Garnish with fudge sauce and whipped topping.

I actually won a contest with this recipe (a new mixer). I would be tickled to win again with my original recipe, plus I really, really want to win a cupcake carrier! If you want to read more cupcake recipes and enter a contest to win a cupcake carrier check out United Mommies.

Wednesday, May 14

Hair Bows

I won a lovely set of Cinderella Hair bows in the bloggy carnival from Gourmet Mom-on-the-Go, My girls just loved them. Of course they now want each of the princesses. So today I made my first fancy hair bow. I forgot to take a picture (I will try and remember tomorrow) but trust me for my first one it turned out pretty well. Years ago I bought some Disney Princess ribbons but never found anything to do with them. Well today I finally used some. I only made one so after the dentist and a play date tomorrow, I will attempt to make another (or half a dozen). I was a little nervous since I have never used a glue gun (I went and bought one today.) I can see how this could become addicting.

Sunday, May 11

Kiddie Pools

Here is picture from 2005, Princess A enjoying her favorite summer activity, the kiddie pool. She always starts asking in February if it is warm enough to fill the pool. I am sure we won't have a warm enough day for a few weeks at least.

Summer Party

Only a few more weeks and Princess A is done with Pre-K. I can't wait for a little hot weather. I love running through the sprinklers with the girls. We will most likely not travel far from home this summer, maybe an overnight trip or two. We usually just stay near home home and enjoy our area over summer. Of course we still have to buy a new BBQ (I still get the willies from those animal droppings in the old one.) 3 Ps in a Pod is having a summer party. Head on over and join. They are having prizes and my top picks are:
Be Jeweled Designs: A Photographer's Tutu in Bubbble Gum Pink
GirlMogul: Win a $30 gift certificate
Chesapeake Ribbons: A Meggan Gift Set ($20 value) along with a $15 Gift Certificate
UglyFish Organic Clothing: Musik Skirt
See My Designs by Shauna: A FREE Blog Makeover
Ga-Ga Baby Boutique: A $25 gift certificate

Wednesday, May 7

Perfect Father's Day gift for my husband.

I know Mother's day is Sunday and I can't wait to see what my husband picks out. My daughter told me today "I made you a present and it is a surprise. It is a box with flowers on it with jewelry inside but you can't know what I made you." I told her "Sweetie don't tell me what you made, it is suppose to be a surprise!" :Don't worry Mommy I won't tell you about the flowers on the box that has jewelry in it!" I distracted her by telling her I found the perfect gift for her to give Daddy on Father's Day next month: Parents Magazine Sing Along Microphone. He tried to find something like it years ago when Princess A was 1. He will be so excited, he really is a kid at heart. Now we just have to see if she can keep the secret for a month. I am going to get him something else but this will be from the girls.

Monday, May 5

Animal(s) nesting in our BBQ Grill (updated)

We have to buy a new grill because the old one had an interesting winter. We have been having cold weather lately (snow not too long ago) so we have not tried to use the BBQ this year. I marinaded some chicken breasts and we were all excited to start grilling!! The whole family was in the backyard when my DH pulled off the cover. We just kind of stared for a while trying to figure out what was wrong. The grill was full of droppings and dead leaves. One dropping was even shiny and sparkly (I about freaked when the girls went to touch it EWW!). My DH said he was going to clean it out. He is a great cleaner but I did not think I could ever eat food grilled on that BBQ. The idea of cleaning it lasted about 2 minutes into the cleaning before he announced "We are getting a new grill!!" Now this was the third winter this grill has been in the same spot and this was the first time it was an animal hotel (at least I really hope so). Anyone want a used grill for free that needs some serious cleaning!!!

Update: I posted it on freecycle and I am waiting for someone to call back with a time for pick-up.
Updated again: It was just picked-up. I am glad someone will use. I just could not.

Sunday, May 4

Chocolate Bliss

I tried the new Hershey's new Bliss and it was so yummy. I just adored the milk chocolate with melt away center (no idea what that means but YUMMY!) I also really liked the plain milk chocolate. I even tried the dark chocolate and I must say not bad. Now I am not a fan of most dark chocolates but I actually kind of like it. I wanted to let everyone know that in the paper today they had a buy one get one free coupon for Hershey's Bliss, also there is a deal this week at Walgreen's for 2 bags for $4 dollars (after in store coupon). So with the coupon you could get 2 bags for $2, not bad for some yummy chocolate.

Friday, May 2

Retro Poodle Baby Blanket

I just love baby blankets, the snugglier the better. My Mom sent Princess G the cutest little Retro Poodle Baby Blanket from Foxglove Cottage: The Shop For Your Retro Home. The blanket is so soft and snuggly. I just love the poodle print and the blue flannel is very soft. Both of my girls wanted the blanket for themselves but I only had one and it was for Princess G. Princess A the doggie lover wanted it for herself. I told her that it was Princess G's blanket but she could ask her sister to trade (I have final approval of all trades.)
Not to long ago I won an Apple Minky blanket by Quilt Baby from a contest on Design Mom. The Apple blanket is Princess A's but she offered it to her sister for the Retro Poodle Baby Blanket. They traded and now they are both very happy. They each sleep with their traded blankets everynight and during the day their babies take naps under them. Sometimes they are even bridal hats (veils).

Thursday, May 1

Mother’s Day Photo

Here is a picture of my Mom with all four of her babies (well five if you count Puppy chow). I am the oldest and the only one with brown hair. My Mom always had a smile even when the four us got into a bit of mischief.