Thursday, January 27

Punflaykids App Review

My darling husband bought me an iPhone for Christmas and I have been having fun trying out apps for the first time. I started out with free ones since if your don't like them you only wasted the time to download them. I have a few games for myself but even more for my little princesses. I think they like my phone even more than I do! Whenever we are in the car, waiting somewhere or just because they want to play with my phone. Just today Princess G came in my room while I was cleaning and asked if she could play a game on my phone. I told her she could and she picked Mathomatix: Measurement and played until it was time to pick up her sister. The app has 5 games: Crazy Clock, Scale Tale (which they have not tried yet), Fill Me Up (you drag objects such as sand to fill-up to containers and then answer which has more), Long and Short (Princess G favorite, you pick the longest or shortest, she loves laughing at the really long candy cane, worm and others), and Action Months (Princess G's 2nd favorite, you drag the letters of the month and when you catch all the letters for the month does an action such as dancing or swimming.)

I was also able to review two other apps: Who will rule? (an interactive story) and Mathomatix: Alzebra – Time for fun with Algebra! The girls listened to the story Who will rule? and did not seem that interested (and I did find the child's voice reading the story a little annoying, I would of preferred and older child or adult). A few days later Princess G started listening to the story over and over. She really likes that during the story (she always picks the Read to Me option) that she can touch the illustrations and they do something (she really likes when the ray darts away and the puffer fish puffs.) The same thing happen with the Mathomatic: Alzebra the first time they played it they did not seem to excited but later I found Princess G playing the games a lot. Princess G really likes all of the games but Princess A not so much. She likes the games but unless I specifically ask her if she would like to try them she prefers to play something else. Of course Princess A is 7 and is advanced in reading (currently 6 grade level) and math. I think that the three apps from Punflaykids are perfect for kids 4 to 6 years old, or at least my five year old. The games are perfect for her, fun, not too hard, a little easy and silly. Do you have a great app I should check out, for my kids or myself?

This post was written for Family Review Network & PunflayKids who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

Sunday, January 23

First Reconciliation

This weekend Princess A had her first Reconciliation in preparation for her First Holy Communion later this Spring. Her sister wore the same dress so they could be twins. We has a small ceremony in the church with songs, readings and a homily followed by cookies and juice. There were suppose to be two additional priest to hear the children's confessions (one was lost and the other's car broke down) so our priest listened to all 45 kids. All together it took almost two hours but in the end it was a nice ceremony and Princess A is one step closer to her First Holy Communion. I just need to find her a dress (I have the veil my mom and myself wore but the dress yellowed and needs to be replaced.)

Wednesday, January 19

Wordless Wednesday: Asleep in Their Fort

Over the weekend the girls made a fort on the couch (the sides fell off) and wanted a pretend sleepover in it (in our house that means they pretend they are going to sleep and an hour later I really make them go to sleep in their own bed.) Well I was reading and thought they went to bed themselves. Two hours later I found them sleeping in the fort. I carried Princess G to bed and Princess A woke up and climbed in her own bed.
(I know Wednesday is almost over, I have been sick for days.)

Saturday, January 15

Giveaway:Lovable Labels Review

My girls are very good about not losing their stuff but I still feel better using labels and I know have the Lovable Labels to use. I unknowingly bought Princess A one of the most popular umbrella at her school. At least once a month I see that umbrella in the lost and found. I always check to see if it has our label but so far it is never our umbrella. Princess A also uses a water bottle in class. She has one that has her name already on it as part of the decoration but she likes to use the one from her school. Princess A (and a large portion of the students) earned a school water bottle during a school fundraiser. There are usually at least five kids in her class (usually more) that have that water bottle at their desk each day. I made sure to put a Lovable Label on her water bottle, not only so it is lost but also to avoid having other kids drink from her water bottle. The girls bring home enough colds without adding it by sharing drinks (Princess G has a fever right now.) We have used other labels before but I must say this is the best presentation of labels I have seen. Usually labels come in an envelope which works fine (unless they fall out and you have to search for them) but these label came in a folder packet. It is similar to a small book of labels. Once you open the front cover along the top are tabs with the name of each type of label. On the back flap of mine was a little pocket with a rubber like dog tag (you can see it in a picture on the cover of the packet.) Princess A loves her labels and was excited that each type of label had a different color and design. So far we have not had any of the Lovable Labels come off. One previous label I tried came off of Princess G's coat and we found it in her hair. She was a little upset when I had to try and get it out. I was very happy that these labels really stick and don't come off. I highly recommend these labels and right now they are having a special FriendsShip package (120 labels: 30 Sticker Labels, 80 Slimline Labels and 10 Mini Fun Stickies plus and added bonus right now: receive: FREE Friendship Sampler (40 Slimline Labels) for a friend!) Personally I would suggest the Friendship Package if you have two kids. You could get the main package for one and use the bonus 40 Slimline Labels for your younger child. In our house my younger daughter receives lots of hand-me-downs which already have a label with her big sisters name.

One of my readers can win the same Lovable Label set I was sent to review.

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Wednesday, January 12

Review: Aveeno Nourish + Revitalize Hair Care

My whole family has been a fan of Aveeno since the pediatric nurse recommend Aveeno lotion for our daughter's sensitive skin at a well baby visit. I have never tried Aveeno Hair care so I was curious as to how well it would work. I love it and my hair. I was sent shampoo, conditioner and smoothing creme. My hair feels so soft but at the same time I and still style it. I really love the smoothing cream. I have been using it everyday on my hair and the girls. I don't usually put anything in the girls hair because it always feels so stiff but the smoothing creme did not. Their hair was smoother, less fuzz but if you look or touch their hair you would not know I had used anything. I have been using the shampoo and condition on myself for the past week and I could not be happier. I did not realize how much better my hair feels until I used my old shampoo and conditioner. We went swimming yesterday and I still had my old kind in our bag. This morning my hair did not want to cooperate at all. I don't usually wash my hair every night but I will be washing it again and with the good stuff, Aveeno Nourish + Revitalize.
I also really appreciate that the tops of the bottle are different colored. I wear glasses and without them everything is very fuzzy. I never wear contacts in the shower (and obviously glasses) so it is nice to just look down and grab the right bottle the first time. Of course I do have to remember to use the white lid (shampoo)first and the brown lid (conditioner) second. It took me a few times but now I just automatically grab the right one while in the shower.

This post was written for Family Review Network & AVEENO who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

Saturday, January 8

Our Christmas Morning

The girl opened one gift the night before, they each received a Pillow Pet and slept with it that night. Santa left the girls a Santa ornament in their stocking, which they put on before even opening the rest of their gifts. Santa brought just what the girls asked for: Tinkerbell music box, a Bella Sara horse, a mini Tangled doll and Tinkerbell the Great Fairy Rescue DVD.
At this point Princess A remembered that she had set up the camera by the tree to capture a picture of Santa. She checked and there was a picture of Santa in our living room.It was a magical morning and I even received a new toy: an iPhone4!!!
I have been having so much fun playing with it, my first iPhone!! The girls are showing off their favorite gifts from Santa, the Tinkerbell music box. The ballerina spins and can be replaced with Tinkerbell.
I hope you had as wonderful Christmas as we did.

Friday, January 7

Girl Scout Cookie Pre-Sales Started

Girl Scout Cookie pre-orders have begun (well at least in my neck of the woods) so if you know a Girl Scout order some cookies!
Booth sales start next month, for now you can just place orders for cookies to be deliver next month.

Wednesday, January 5’s™ Review

I have never had a banner made and I was a little intimidated at designing one made. I was worried that it would be hard to get it just right and very expensive. I was so wrong. I just designed a banner at and it was so easy. On their site they have lots of examples and you can pick one of them and make changes or start from scratch. I have a Girl Scout troop and last month they were in a parade with another troop (my other daughter's Brownie troop.) The Brownie troop has a banner which they carried in the parade but it was only for their troop and did not mention the Daisy troop at all. I want a banner that includes both troops so I made one. (I hope the other troop likes it.) It really was so easy. I started by uploading the Girl Scout symbol and pasting it in the corner of the banner. I then, in big block green letters, wrote 'Girl Scouts'. On the next line (in a different shade of green) I wrote 'Troops'. The last line was the the 2 troop numbers. It looks great and I can't wait to see it when it arrives. It really was so easy and fast. I spent more time trying to find the Girl Scout symbol on our local council website that making the sign. I have included a few examples from but they have so many you should take a look at their site. The example on the right can have an actual photo of the birthday boy included. How fun would that be to have giant banner with your picture. There are so many great ideas to get you started on a banner, sign or even bumper sticker you want.

This post was written for Family Review Network & who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

Tuesday, January 4

Wordless Wednesday: Tangled (Rapunzel) Hair

We went and saw the movie Tangled and we all loved it.
After we came home Princess A taped these scarves together and then to her hair. As soon as I saw the tape I helped her remove the tape and instead we used hair bands to connect the scarves to each other and her hair. Of course Princess G needs some long hair too!

Monday, January 3

Lowe's Build and Grow Clinic

We have been to every Lowe's Build and Grow Clinic since Halloween.
My Daisy troop has also been going and once Princess A's Brownie troop came too. The girls are having a great time at at the end of each project they earn a patch. The patches are for the Lowe's apron but I am putting them on their Girl Scout vests. The back of the vest is for 'fun' patches, and the front is official Girl Scout patches that they earn. The clinic are free so that means twice a month (three times in December) they earned fun patches for their vest and I did not use any troop funds either. Win/Win!!

Sunday, January 2

Polar Express Candy Train

Princess A's teacher had her class make a Polar Express Train out of Candy.
Since Princess G was done with school by the time they made the trains her teacher was nice enough to invite Princess G to make one too.
They did not have quite enough candy for Princess G to make her own train so she started the train tracks and when the teacher was done showing the class the different steps she gave Princess G her train to finish decorating.We still have these trains sitting on my kitchen counter. The girls said they wanted to eat them but by now everything is very stale so tomorrow we will say goodbye to the trains (and the gingerbread house.)/> Of course once the trains were done it was recess and they girls wanted to go out. The girls love having recess especially since they don't have it together unless I bring Princess G in the afternoon to visit (she only has kindergarten in the morning.)