Monday, May 31

Last Day of Pre-K

Friday was Princess G's last day of Pre-K, she is now officially a Kindergartner!
Princess A did not have school (it is a built in snow day and since we never had one she got the day off) so she was able to attend. Princess G had an hour of school before we could come back and attend the field day, which was inside because of all of the rain. When Princess A and I arrived we joined her sister in coloring these mugs. Each one has three sheets you can color and insert in the clear part so your drawing is shown on the mug (I have seen them for a dollar at Micheal's). The girls both want to give them to Daddy as one of their Father's Day presents.

Next it was the bouncy house. There were too many kids to jump at once so while they waited their turn they danced with scarfs.
Princess A was a little hesitant at first but before long she was having a blast. She also came up with a game that she waved her scarf in front of me and would turn me into a creature or animals. I would then chase them (my girls and a friend from Princess A's Brownie troop) until I was turned back into a Mommy. I was a mosquito, lion, wolf, mean dog, bumble bee, monster, wasp and a few others before I was worn out and sat down.

They both had so much fun with the scarf dancing that they have been doing it all weekend.

Finally it was their turn to go in the bouncy house!

They both had a blast, I almost wish I could of gone in with them.

The last station was snack and then the craft: Build a Boat. The building materials were: plates, bowls, craft sticks, egg cartons, toilet paper roll, straws, feathers, flowers, pipe cleaners and much more. Princess A made a very tall boat (you can see the straws standing up in the picture.) Princess G made a small one that can twirl, she taped a clothespin standing up on the bottom as a handle (I still need to find it in the car where it fell off.)
To celebrate I took the girls out for lunch.
They also each got a little gift to commemorate the occasion.
Since it was Princess G's day she received two friends and her sister only one.
On the way home we also stopped at the library and checked-out so many books.
The girls can't wait to share with Daddy all about Field day and their new friends when he get home this morning. He was in California for his sister's college graduation.

Sunday, May 30

Smore's at Home

The girls have never tried smore's so we decided to make some. The weather is not cooperating (lots of rain) so we made them on the gas stove.
They both loved them so I see us making them often, plus they are so easy with a gas stove.

Pre-K Program

The Friday before last Princess G and her Pre-K class had their end of year program (she still had another week of school). It was so sweet they sang lots of songs including one about hippos (Princess G's favorite animal!) When I dropped her off for school I had about an hour until the program started and planned to run a quick errand. Princess G told me I could not be late like for her big sister, I can't believe she remembers that I was a few minutes late for her sister's same program two years ago (for the record I only missed her walking in I did hear all of the songs!) I promised Princess G that I would go straight to the church and wait for the program. Luckily I had brought my knitting so I made a little progress on the spider I am still knitting.
Daddy could not make it (he was driving back from central Oregon that day) so it was just my cutie and me. I did video tape all of the songs and played them for Daddy when he got home.

Saturday, May 29

Belated Mother's Day Lunch

For the last four years we have celebrated Mother's Days with a lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant. This year Princess G was very ill and on antibiotics so we had to put it off for a while. When we finally did go our favorite waiter said he missed us on Mother's Day and was worried something was wrong. We explained Princess G's illness and then ordered our usual (we still always look at the menu but still order the same every time). It was a yummy lunch even if it was a little late.

Friday, May 28


Two weeks ago both of the girls spilled their water in their beds so I moved them to the guest room. Princess A spilled first, so she was in the actual guest bed. Then Princess G spilled her water so I set up the air mattress for her. Eventually they both slept on the air mattress on opposite ends. After much giggling they fell asleep.
Right now they are having a sleepover in Princess A's bed. It over 2 hours since their bedtimes and they are still awake. I think they are getting close to finally following asleep. It was Princess G's last day of Pre-K this morning so the sleepover is part of the celebrations.


Both of my girls still love dressing-up. Some of my older daughter's friends (she is seven now)have stopped playing dress-up (their moms' have given away all their dress-up clothes.) I hope dress-up continues for a long time in our home with both of my girls.
Do your kids still play dress-up?

Thursday, May 27

Home Depot Kids Clinic

Earlier this month the girls made these great flower planter at Home Depot. Princess A was able to do almost everything herself (I helped hold things together while she hammered.) Princess G needed a little more help but that was mostly because the wood was so hard. It was much harder to hammer the nails in than normally, she did almost all the hammering herself it just took a while.
When we got home the girls picked some flowers from our yard to give to Daddy for May day.

The next day we decided to paint the flower planter and a bird house from lst year (we could not find the butterfly housed to paint so they will have to wait for another day.) First they started painting on the ground, I set down some newspaper and game them some garden kneeling pads.
Eventually I remember the table and chair someone gave me through
The girls enjoyed the painting and when the planter and bird house were done they started painting on huge pieces of paper (I saved packing paper and gave it to them.)
They both had just so much fun, they can waiting for another big painting days.

Tuesday, May 25

Wordless Wednesday: Fancy Parfaits

Uncle Ben’s Whole Grain White Rice Review

My family loves eating rice, we usually have it a few times a week. I always cook white rice because that is what they like and to be honest because it cooks faster than brown rice. Whenever I buy brown rice I rarely use it because I don't think to get it started an hour before we are going to eat or I do but the water does not boil in time. It is just easier to cook white rice plus I know that everyone will eat it. When I heard about Uncle Ben's Whole Grain White rice the first thing I wanted to know is how long does it take to cook. According to the box you cook it for 15 minutes (with cover on) and let rest (leave cover on) for another 5 minutes. That is the same time regular white rice takes to cook. Now the next question: How does it taste? My family ate the rice and never noticed that it was not our regular plain white rice. Uncle Ben's Whole Grain White Rice is a great way to get more whole grains in our family's diet.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Uncle Ben’s and received samples to facilitate my candid review. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Saturday, May 22

Gym Birthday Party at YMCA

We used to be members of the YMCA but the membership is just too expensive, especially since the open hours of the pool do not work for us (seriously who wants to swim at lunch time, dinner time and after their bedtimes). The girls do miss when they used to have Toddler Gym (plus Princess G is just barely young enough to go if we were members).

They always loved jumping in the foam pit, it was their favorite part every time we went.

Now they love the rope swing. The YMCA never had the rope swing out for Toddler Gym but sometimes they would have out a swing and the girls always loved it.

Princess G could almost climb onto the rope by herself but she certainly can swing by herself.

The girls also played this game where one would be standing up and would fall back right before the one on the swing hit them. They played over and over and giggled the whole time. They even got me to play the game on the swing and the person falling.

During free play you could also play a bean bag tossing game to earn a lei.

Eventually the hour in the gym was over and the rest of the party began. It was time snacks, bingo, cake and the gifts.

Princess G loved her sunglasses but unfortunately after wearing them for less than an our her skin on her nose turned pink! Once I saw her nose was a little pink I did not let her wear them anymore. The girls but had a blast and now Princess G keeps asking to have her party at the Y for her next birthday.

Friday, May 21

Spring Fair

Last month we attended the Puyallup Spring Fair and as usual the girls love making music every year on these sculptures.
This year Princess A entered the Creative Kids Art contest. Anyone can enter you just have to drive to the fair grounds before it opens to enter the art. She won second place for her origami bat.
Princess A also entered a watercolor, you can see it behind her right shoulder.
She also received a second place ribbon for her watercolor. She was so excited that 'real' artist judged her art and gave her 2nd place ribbons.
In the same building they have a table full of Legos.
Princess G also made a boat out of Legos.
Every year the girls also love to make a flower bonnet.
It is a paper plate with the middle cut out and a ribbon fed through slits on the side. The girls each picked out a few flowers and glue them on the hat. They each received many compliments as we walked around the rest of the day (yes they wore them all day!)

Princess G took her off to plant her pumpkin seed. The girls each planted a seed but only one is growing (the other started but then shriveled up.)

Another tradition is to make antennas and crawl through the tunnel (the ceiling is rough so you feel it like a bug would with antennas.)

Now this was new: the girls worked together to grind corn which they could take with them. The girls want to feed it to some ducks near our neighborhood.

Here they are with their hats again. So many people stopped them to ask where they got the hats or to just compliment them. It was a wonderful fair. I love the big Fall fair but the Spring one is so much calmer and less crowded.

Thursday, May 20

District Science Fair Winner

Princess A was picked to represent her school in the District Science Fair. We showed up at 8 in the morning so she would be on time for the judging. Two hours later the first grade judging was done so we could leave.
The next day we came back in the evening for the awards ceremony. Princess A won 3rd place for First graders! When they called her name she got so excited but when they mangled our last name she sat down in disappointment. We convinced her that she was the winner and that they just did not say her name right. Once she was convinced she very excitedly went up on stage!

I am so proud of my scientist!

She did everything by herself except for the pouring of hot water (for safety reasons) and the typing! Princess A is already thinking of her experiment for next year.

Tuesday, May 18

Wordless Wednesday: Poptarts

First time having a poptart for Princess G.

Princess A had them once years ago but the first time in at least 3 years.

Sunday, May 16

N is for Narwhal

Princess G could not think of anything to take to show and tell that started with a N besides a narwhal. We do not have any narwhals besides the school report Princess A did on them a few months ago. Princess A offered to make a narwhal for her sister to take to show and tell! Princess G was so excited! Since they have been playing with the narwhals (Princess A made one for herself) I am going to try and knit or crochet a narwhal!

Friday, May 14

Visit to Tulip Farm

Every Spring I take the girls to this tulip farm and I always take a picture of them in this pose in this spot.
Their favorite part is playing in the gazebo.

Just so cute I want to hug her all day!

This year Daddy came with us for the first time. The girls had fun showing Daddy around.

The girls love picking out their favorite flowers to have their picture taken next to.
Princess G liked these, but I suspect part of the reason was they were in the shade as it was very sunny.

Princess A is always smelling each one to see if they have different scents.

So sweet!
The tulip farm also has a showroom where you can buy flowers and other gifts. Daddy bought each of his girls a lovely bouquet.
We had a great day and now the girls and Daddy want to buy our own bulbs to bloom in our yard.