Sunday, February 28

Tea Party Just to Eat

On Thursday we made Pumpkin Bread Hearts and Princess G said we should have a tea party to eat them!
As soon as Princess A got home from school that is exactly what we did!

Saturday, February 27

Girls Scout Cookies Delivered!!

We are done!! All of the Girl Scout cookies from our pre-orders have been delivered!!! Well almost all of the boxes have been delivered, I do have to mail my Mom's. She does not want me to mail them yet because she gave up chocolate for Lent and she ordered Thin Mints (and the Trifoils). My Mom wants me to mail them after Easter. We still have our shift at a booth sale next month but I am so happy we delivered all of the cookie boxes in less than a week. Booth sales officially started yesterday and will go for two weeks. If you want your Girl Scout Cookie fix you better hurry!

Friday, February 26

Giveaway: Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Snacks Win & Give

My girls love eating Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-ups. They love all kinds but I prefer the Fruit by the Foot since they can eat it with little or no touching of the snack (less messy that way.) I was sent two boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-ups, regular and Fruit by the Foot. The girls almost finished them already. We do have two of the Fruit-by-the-Foot left that I am saving for a snack in the car tomorrow. The Fruit by the Foot is great in the car because they can unpeel the snack with little or no touching of the snack. The roll-ups can be a little sticky, which is normally fine but cleaning sticky hands in a car is not fun. Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-ups is also sponsoring a fun contest that also supports a great charity, One Laptop per Child. MyBlogSpark sent me the two boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-ups and the following information:
With specially marked boxes of kid favorites - including Fruit Roll-Ups,
Gushers, Fruit by the Foot, and Stickerz & Shapes - your child could win one
laptop to keep and Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Snacks will donate another to a
child in Africa.

Each day from now through May 30, 2010, one laptop
prize will be awarded to a U.S. winner. For every laptop won, one laptop will be
donated to an African child through One Laptop per Child, an organization that
creates educational opportunities for the world´s poorest children by providing
each child with a rugged, low-cost, low-power connected laptop with content and
software designed for collaborative, joyful, self-empowered learning. For your
chance to win, simply enter the unique online code printed on participating
Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Snack packages on

$25 will also be donated to One Laptop per Child on my behalf.

Win two boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-ups and a $25 donation made to One Laptop per Child on your behalf.

To enter just leave a comment about your favorite Fruit Roll-up flavor or favorite charity.

(If you email is not available on your blog please include in comment.)

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The Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Snacks, information, and giveaway were all provided by Betty Crocker through MyBlogSpark.

Pacific Science Center in Seattle

We have been meaning to go to the Pacific Science Center for a while and almost went in October for my birthday. We finally went and we even bought a family membership. As long as we go twice, and believe me we will, it is a bargain. We might even go this weekend since they are having a Polar Science weekend and Princess A is really interested in Narwhals right now.
Princess A loved this bike that you create enough electricity pedaling to light a light bulb, she went on it a few times.
We also spent a long time in the shadow room. If you stand in front of the wall when the bright light flashes you can move and then see your own shadow!
The girls climbed up on this giant chair that was almost chest high for me, it also has a matching giant table.
Princess A got a kick out of the fun house mirror, "Sister hurry over and see this."

Princess G ran over, they giggled, hugged and giggled even harder.

Princess A is almost too big for the little kid area but she still had a blast playing with all of the activities.
Eventually we got to the butterfly house. It is so beautiful (and warm)!
The girls were really hoping a butterfly would land on them.

Instead one landed on my back. Can you see it on my lower back, near the shoe of the person behind me? I walked around for a long time before the butterfly flitted away. I always wanted to use flit in a sentence.
We had kind of skipped all of the other insects in our hurry to the butterfly area so now we had time to explore. They have a lot of different types of beetles and cockroaches.
Princess G wanted to go back to the water play area near the little kid area and Princess A wanted to try the tide pools. Luckily they are right next to each other so I could watch them at the same time.
Princess G (and Princess A) love dinosaurs so of course we had to see those exhibits. On the way out of there we saw this space cockpit and the girls just had to have a turn.

By now we had not seen everything but we were all getting very hungry. The girls tried the mechanical shovel and the tic-tac-toe playing robot and we left. I can't wait until we go back. We really want to see a show in the planetarium but all of the tickets were sold out when we arrived. The next time we go we are going early just to ensure we can visit the planetarium.

Thursday, February 25

Giveaway: $50 Gift Card to Safeway and Fiber One Yogurt Review

Well if you remember my post about the great deal on Fiber One Yogurt at Safeway I mentioned that I was going to be having a contest for a $50 gift card to Safeway. My package arrived and included a coupon for a package of Fiber One yogurt. I have been eating mostly yogurt (and a slice of the pumpkin bread as I am typing) because my jaw is very sore. I had a filling replaced yesterday and I am in some pain. The filling and my teeth are fine it is my jaw that hurts. I had to have my mouth open for almost 40 minutes and I can open it a little. This morning just the thought of chewing anything hurt. Until the pumpkin bread all I ate today was yogurt and some brie cheese. I normally like plain honey yogurt with granola. I don't like anything to interfere with the taste of the granola. Obviously I can not eat granola right now! I tried the Fiber One yogurt and it was really good. I had to open a second one because as soon as my girls saw me eating they wanted some, and they had just said they were full from their own breakfast. I can not say how it taste with granola but as soon as my jaw is back to normal I am going to try it. I bet it will taste really good too, maybe flavored yogurts will be good with granola.

Now on to the part you really want to know about the contest!!
One of my readers will be sent a $50 gift card to Safeway!!!

To enter just leave a comment about your favorite yogurt flavor or a great recipe including yogurt. (If you email is not available on your blog please include in comment.)

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VIP coupon, gift card, and giveaway have been provided by Safeway and Fiber One through MyBlogSpark

Baking Pumpkin Bread Hearts

Princess G wanted to surprise her sister, Princess A with a treat so we made pumpkin bread. I thought it would be fun to use some of the batter to make heart shaped ones. I have used the pans for brownies (and old ones to make crayons) but I had not used them for anything else. I think they turned out very nice. Princess G loves them, in the picture above she is about to eat her fourth one. She wants to know if we can have a tea party with them when her sister gets home, I think that is a great idea! Great minds must think a like because The Taste of English Tea Blog is baking and having a tea party with her Grandson and making gluten free muffins.
The pumpkin bread hearts took about 13 minutes to bake. I poured the rest of the batter in a bundt pan which took about an hour and 5 minutes. For some reason I always think these kinds of bread taste better baked in a bundt pan, they just don't taste as good baked in a rectangle bread pans. Of course that is just me. Have you baked lately?

Tuesday, February 23

Wordless Wednesday: Park

Princess G rode her scooter to the park and forgot to take off her helmet while we were there.

Sing Along with Barbie Review

Both of the Princesses were very excited when the new Sing Along with Barbie DVD arrived. The girls already new most of the songs, they love Barbie movies and we have quite the collection already. Princess G is watching it right now before we pick up her sister from school. You can even pick which language you want the DVD to be played: English, Spanish and French. Inside the case a list and picture of some Barbie movies. Princess A had fun checking off which movies we had and which one they still need to ask for. My favorite song is the first one "Connected" (From Barbie and the Diamond Castle)and my second favorite is "Here on my Island" (from Barbie as the Island Princess). Those two are my favorite barbie movies too, well except for the guys in The Diamond Castle, they are just annoying. I am so glad they only had songs Barbie sings as the songs the the two guys sing in Barbie and the Diamond Castle are not that great. My girls have seen all of the movies that the songs are from and usually are singing them too. It is nice to have all the songs together on one DVD. Princess A has a friend who just loves Barbie and she is coming an hour early for Princess A's party. I now that they will be paling this DVD while set up the party next month. I personally love Barbie songs so I will happily listen to the girls playing this DVD over and over and over! If you have a little girls who loves Barbie or loves singing I would recommend this DVD, every song is great.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Mattel. In addition, I received a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Sunday, February 21

Delivering Girls Scout Cookies

Princess A (and Princess G) and I have been have been out delivering Girl Scout cookies. Tonight we delivered the last box of cookies that she sold (with her sister's help) in our neighborhood. I also sorted the other cookie boxes and have two totes full of cookies for those they sold at school and pre-K. I also have two full boxes for my husband to take to work. That only leaves the ones we have to mail to family and three other friends. I really want to wrap up the delivery so that we are done. Princess A will still have one shift at a cookie booth outside of a Walmart next month. Princess A wanted to sell 150 boxes to earn the stuffed Panda but she only sold 86 (plus two more I have to get for a co-worker of my husbands). I am proud of her for selling that many. She did earn the cookie patch and a bandanna. Princess G can't wait to sell cookies herself next year. If you missed ordering cookies just look for booths outside stores over the next few weeks.

Friday, February 19

Giveaway and Patient Style Review

A few weeks ago I was sent two pairs of socks from Patient Style. I was sent the Women's Chenille Lounge Socks (in a lovely pink) and the Men's Blue Chenille Lounge Socks. My husband and I have been wearing these socks since then. The socks are so snuggly and warm and your feet. Not only are they soft they also have a little grip on the bottom (see on the right) so you don't slip. The bottom is comfortable to walk on and even more importantly my feet did not slip all over the floor like some of my other socks. According to Patient Style website the socks are also "Enhanced with Antimicrobial features." I have no way of testing the effectiveness of the antimicrobial features but it is nice to think of those features if I was wearing these while a patient in a hospital. I wish I had had these socks while in the hospital delivering each of my girls. My sister is expecting and if she is not going to wear the socks she wore while having my niece I am going to get her a pair (she wore socks my Mom wore while having her four kids.) Patient Style also has other great products for home or hospital stays, for example these wonderful hospital gowns. My favorite gown is this lovely pink one.

Great news one of my readers can win a pair of the sock, just like the ones I was sent for review.

To enter just leave a comment about a product you like from Patient Style or your favorite pair of socks you ever owned.

Ends 3/13/10 (Saturday) at midnight PST.
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U.S. only

Come back soon as I will be having a more contests!

I was only sent two pairs of socks to facilitate this review and was not compensated for this review.

Thursday, February 18

Tea Party Practise

Princess A wants a real tea party for her birthday. To her that means real tea, fancy tea cups, tea pots, scones, sugar cubes, cookies and brownie hearts (I added the brownie hearts.)
Princess A has a good friend that she went to kindergarten with for two months (she moved to the afternoon class.) They each went to the other's birthday party but never to each other's homes. This year they are in the same first grade class. Her mother and I are always saying that we need to get the girls together after school but it never happens. I decided it was long enough and invited them over for a tea party. I thought it was time for them to come and it would be great practise for the tea party next month. The day before, I made brownie hearts (I used two petite heart pans I bought a few weeks ago) and two kinds of scones, apple and cranberry. (I have older heart pans that are almost the same that I use for making crayons since they had rust in them.) Did you notice the fancy tea cup? I found them at a thrift store and have enough for the party, our limit will be eight girls including the Princesses. Well I really have seven of those cups but I have another rose cup that is different but it will have to do.

Princess G is holding one of the brownie hearts. I had made two dozen and they were gone so fast. I think for the party I better make at least four dozen, maybe six. Her plate is also a thrift store find. I was only able to find four so they will be used to display the treats and we will use paper heart plates (I got them on clearance at Target today). For the tea party I still need to find sugar tongs, some demi spoons (small spoons to stir the tea) and I would love to find some tea strainers like this one (the kind to put over the cup and pour through) so we could use loose tea. I am debating whether to buy these but I don't really want to buy eight of them, what would I do with them after the party? Maybe I will just get a few and the girls can share or maybe I can find some locally and not have to pay shipping.
I am trying so hard to resist as I do have a budget for the party.
The tea party with Princess A's friend was a success so I hope that bodes well for the party next month.
I just realized I was suppose to do the invitations today so I could hand them out while I am helping at school tomorrow!!

Tuesday, February 16

Our Olympics

Princess A has been learning about the Olympics at school (she did a report on ice skating) and could not wait for the games to begin. She tried to stay up for the opening ceremony but it was just too late. Saturday night she did get to watch some of the pairs ice skating. That on late too, she only watched the first two pairs. It did capture her imagination. Yesterday morning she put on her own Olympics.
She performed a lovely ice skating routine.
After the applause she 'skated' to the edge of the room and proceeded to pretended to put covers over the blades of her 'ice skates' (really her socks.)
Then was Princess G's turn but she told me we had to watch her in our room since she did not know how to ice skate only ballet. We had Princess A turn the ice back into the floor and then Princess G was able perform (what an imagination!)
Princess G performed a wonderful ballet.
We were then informed that the second program would be on Tuesday.
I can't wait to see the next 'ice skating' and ballet performance.
Are your kids excited about the Olympics too?

Monday, February 15

Paper Dragon for Chinese New Year

Here is the paper dragon the girls made after watching the Dragon Dancers at school.
They both dressed up (sorry no picture) and had a parade on Saturday. Princess A wore the cowgirl costume I won a while ago from 5MinutesforMom and Princess G wore two tutus, one as a top and one as a skirt. It was just too cute!

Sunday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope your Valentine's Day is going as great as mine. Yesterday the girls made me the 'cake' shown above in the picture I took yesterday. They made it out of bowls, Ritz crackers, circus animal cookies, and Nature Valley Nut Clusters. I ate the Nut Clusters and the girls ate the rest.

Today I woke up to a bouquet of roses and star lilies (my favorite), gifts and a yummy piece of tiramisu. The girls were so excited that I was awake (it was only 7:30 am) so they could finally exchange gifts. First the girls gave Daddy the toffee (here is an easy recipe) we made yesterday morning while he was working out at the gym. We made half plain and the other with chocolate and both sides had heart shapes sprinkles. The half chocolate was the only thing different from last year's Valentine's Toffee. I think toffee for Daddy is becoming a tradition.

The girls opened their gifts next. They each received the Princess and the Frog Tiana doll (the Polly pocket size) and two sweet bows (I won from Munchkin Things and Strings). The girls were so excited. Don't you think these are such sweet bows? Munchkins Things and Strings even made them with my daughter's favorite colors and princesses.

Next I got to open my gifts, a box of See's candy (nuts and chews) and a lovely crystal frame with the girl's picture in it. I was so happy when I opened my gifts and not just because I love them. I was a little worried, I knew he bought my gift from Macy's (I saw the bag) and I was so afraid he bought the same gift I bought him (just like the Wii game at Christmas). Luckily we did not buy the same gift for each other. Feeling very relieved it was then my darling husband's turn to open his gift, a panini press. He loves it. I even went out to the store earlier to pick up all the ingredients to make some panini sandwiches. I bought sun dried tomato turkey, turkey pastrami, roast beef, Havarti cheese, chibatta bread and avocado (for me). As soon as I got home we made the panini sandwiches and everyone loved them. Princess G would not hold hers, they are messy, but she still loved the taste. Princess A loved it so much she wants us to make it again for dinner.

We are having a great Valentine's Day I hope you are too!

Saturday, February 13

Lunch at School for Feburary

My plan is to have lunch at school with Princess A at least once a month. Princess G and I made fresh scones and as soon as they came out of the oven we went to school. Princess A was so surprised and excited when she saw us. She was also a little concerned that Princess G and I only had scones. She very seriously informed me that scones are not a healthy lunch and that you need to eat a healthy lunch everyday. After trying not to snuggle her too much in front of her friends (she is just too sweet) I let her know we had lunch before we came so she did not need to worry.
After lunch we joined her class outside for recess. Luckily it was much drier than last month. Princess G made a beeline for her favorite, I have no idea what to call it I just know that it spins. Princess G played on it quite happily until her head got nudged by a foot. Now I don't want to call it a kick since I saw it and the shoe just slid across her forehead. It still hurt a little so we left before recess was over. I wonder if we will ever make it through a whole recess?

Friday, February 12

Dragon Dance: A Chinese New Year Celebration

Each year Princess A's school concentrates on one culture and tries to incorporate it in learning and celebrations all year. This school year it is Chinese culture, while also including other Asian cultures.
Earlier this week her school had a Chinese festival at school. Each grade level spent the morning learning different things tied to Asian cultures. The first grade classes learned origami, Chinese words and other things. During lunch Panda Express brought food and after the children finished their lunches they tried some Chinese food and learned how to eat with chop sticks.

During the afternoon they had a large assembly and Princess G and I were able to attend. The teachers had a ping pong tournament, we heard from a former teacher who lived in China for for over seven years (and saw slides), heard some poems and then the best part some demonstrations!

The best part was the dragon dance. The dragons actually performed twice and in between they also did demonstrations of different martial arts.

As soon as we got home the girls made their own dragon and put on a parade. They had another one this morning. I still need to get a picture of their dragon!

Wednesday, February 10

Layered Crayon Craft for Valentine's day

Last year the girls and I made crayon hearts for Princess A to hand out to her kindergarten class. We broke the crayons into pieces and melted them in a heart pan, jumbling the colors together. This year we tried a new technique so that the crayon would have layers of colors. I saved a few cans, I removed the labels and ran them through the dishwasher. I was hoping for more cans but this is all I collected over three weeks (we also had lots of Progresso soup but the cans are not good for pouring, they have a lip from the lid). The day before we soaked the crayons in a sink full of warm water which made taking the labels off much easier, and I know because last year I skipped the soaking step and my finger nails really hurt!
The girls picked five colors (the number of can we had) and placed crayons of that color in the cans. I placed the can in the oven at about 275 degrees Fahrenheit. When they were almost fully melted I stirred the crayons before pouring them in the molds.

Last year I had one small baking pan with heart shapes (the picture above this one with the crayon residue from last year). This year I had two flowers (seen above, from IKEA), a dog one, a puzzle pieces (IKEA), a plus sign (IKEA) and two of the heart pans. I found them all at thrift shops while looking for tea stuff for Princess A's birthday party next month. It was really nice to have so many molds. Last year we had to make three batches as the pan only made twelve at a time.
1. Soak crayons in warm water, wait a few minutes and then remove paper.
2. Add dry crayons to clean cans (one color family in each can as they will blend together).
3. Melt crayons in can in oven at 275 degrees F.
4. When almost melted remove one can from oven and stir to blend colors (use an oven mitt!)
5. Carefully spoon (or slowing pour) a little into your mold.
6. Place can back in oven
7. Wait for the crayon in mold to solidify (you can place the mold in the freezer)
8. Repeat with next color
Note: We did not layer each mold with the same colors. We just poured them in some and not other. That way we did not have to wait as long before pouring the next color. I just made sure I did not pour melted crayon on the color I used before. I would pour it in an empty mold or in one with a color a I had poured much earlier.

The girls had so much fun. Since we only had five cans I did switch over to a different color for some of the cans. For example the yellow can was later used for the green crayons and the purple was used for red crayons. We had to make over 70 crayons! Yes you read that right 70!
Princess G has 44 students in her class plus 4 teachers. Princess A has 20 students plus 2 teachers (one is a student teacher). That is 70 Valentines. The girls also wanted to make a Valentine for Princess A's Kindergarten teacher from last year and her daughters.
On top of that we had to make a few extras for the girls to draw with. I pretty, much wiped out my crayon stash. I will have to get more before next year.
Just like last year I wrapped each crayon in plastic wrap with the extra gathered at the top. This year I stapled the gathered top to the Valentine (Princess G I folded in half, Princess A's I did not) so that the crayon hung below and could be seen.
I forgot to take a picture of the finished Valentine's. I will post one tomorrow if I remember.
I hope I wrote out the direction clearly. Fell free to comment or ask question. Let me know if you try it. It really is fun!

Tuesday, February 9

Wordless Wednesday: Fancy Smoothies (Yum and Yuck)

Yummy! Yuck!!
(I used Daddy's vanilla yogurt instead of the plain honey (sourish) yogurt she likes.
As you can see above Princess A still loved it but Princess G did not!

Fiber One yogurt: Deal at Safeway

Right now Safeway has 4 packs of Fiber One Yogurt on sale for 2 for $4. I picked up a four pack in the vanilla flavor, my Safeway also had peach and strawberry. The Princesses tried the yogurt today with some strawberry granola and they both loved it. I still have not tried it yet. I better hurry though because the girls have already eaten two of them. At $2 for a four pack that makes each yogurt only 50 cents.

Now was suppose to receive a coupon for a free four pack of Fiber One yogurt and $50 Safeway gift card from MyBlogSpark to help facilitate this review. I did not receive these items yet but I still wanted to share this great deal with my readers.

Please Vote for: Love is Two Sisters!!!

Every month, An Island Life will be hosting a photo contest with a specific theme. For February it is Love Is . . .

Above is my entry:

Love is Two Sisters!
Voting started, I hope you will go take a look and maybe vote for my cuties.
They are the fifth one in the poll: A Silly Mommy of 2 Silly Girls!

Monday, February 8

Crazy Hair Day at School

Princess A had crazy hair day at school and the night before (while she was suppose to be sleeping) she drew a hair design. I think I got pretty close. She wanted four mini-buns in the front and in the back she wanted a ponytail in the middle and a braid on either side. Of course Princess G wanted the same hairstyle. All three of us got up early and the girls really helped me so I could spend lots of time on their hair. Princess A even made her whole lunch by herself (I usually make the sandwich). Once we arrived at school Princess A proudly told me that she had the craziest hair in her class. (She told me at the end of school that she probably had the craziest hair at school!)

Princess G also went to school and she easily had the craziest hair at school since she was the only one with crazy hair. When we first arrived at her school a few kids stared with their mouths open. Princess G was just simply excited that she had crazy hair.