Thursday, July 25

New Clip for Disney's PLANES

My girls are so excited for this movie and love when a new clip is posted!
I love the Chupacbra line :)

Tuesday, July 9

Fourth of July Sleepover

Since fireworks are legal in our county people go crazy.  Fireworks go off all night long even though they are suppose to stop at midnight.  I figured since the girls would not get much sleep they might as well have a sleepover.  Princess G slept on the air mattress on the floor of Princess A's room.  They both had so much fun and when I checked on them at 11:30 they were both fast asleep.

Sunday, July 7

Painting the Kitchen

Over the Fourth of July we painted our kitchen. We did the first coat on the fourth and finished the second coat over the weekend.  We pick a pale but bright yellow.  The kitchen was yellow before but the yellow had an orange undertone.  I love the new color and very glad that we are done painting for a while!