Tuesday, March 31

Hidden Valley Veggie Adventure Game Review

My girls and I love playing together and sometimes that includes video games. Hidden Valley has created three fun games involving vegetables, Hidden Valley Veggie Adventure Game. The first game, At the Farm, is about helping your veggies grow. You have to water the plants and keep critters (bugs, birds and other animals) from snacking on your plants. The next game, On the Road, is all about getting the vegetables from the farm to market. The last game, In the Kitchen, is feeding kids healthy veggie snacks, but you have to move quick or they leave hungry. Princess A liked the games and was disappointed when I told her I need my computer back. Luckly it saves your game so you can go back to it. As soon as i finish this review I know she will want to play again. It is the perfect trio of games to play to get in the spirit of spring planting. My girls and I picked up some seeds a while ago and can't wait to start planting. We still have snow (it just snowed the other day) so we will have to start the seeds inside. The games are very cute and a quick and easy game to play with your little ones.

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Friday, March 27

Princess A's Birthday Party!

Last June we attended a party at a Jump place and as soon as we left Princess A asked to have her next party there. I was just planning a party at home but Daddy agreed it was a great idea.

There are three inflatables to play on, the slide, the obstacle course and the jumpy house. Princess A went for her favorite, the slide. After a few slides she came and got me to slide with her.

Next we did the obstacle course and then the jumpy house. Everyone was having so much fun.

Princess G went on everything too, she even found a little car to play in!

After an hour of running and jumping it was time for cupcakes!!! I tried to make a rose but the icing was a little too thin so it was a little floppy. Princess A still thought it was "The most beautiful flower ever, Mommy!!" If she loves it so do I!

Next it was time to open gifts. Each child got to sit next to her while she opened their gift. Princess G wanted to give her a present too. After opening gifts the kids had almost another 45 minutes to wear themselves out.

It was a great party and after the two hours most of the kids were tired. The girls actually had swim practice later that day but we skipped it. I found out later the showers were closed at the pool so I was even happier we did not go.

Wednesday, March 25

Children's Muesum

A friend's membership to the Children's museum was ending and she invited us for one last trip. The girls had so much fun. Here they are playing in the sand exhibit.
A favorite is the water area. You add or take away boards to change the speed and direction of the water flow. The first time we visited my mom was not watching closely enough and Princess A half fell in and had to get a new shirt to wear. Princess A ran over here while Princess G kept playing with the water, she was racing rubber duckies.
Soon Princess A enticed her sister to join her in pushing the pegs back and forth.

Next we went to play on the stage area. Princess G liked pressing the buttons to play the sound effects, thunder, music, applause and such.
Princess A put on a show as Snow White.

Princess G found the train table and stayed for a while.
The girls then wanted to play in the toddler area. The split pea were a hit with Princess G.

They both like going up the walkway to play in the light house.

Princess A even squeezed into the rocking boat. Right before we left Princess G decided to collect some food,
which Princess A packed up and delivered!
We have a few Children's museums within driving distance and I have to say this one is my favorite.

Monday, March 23

Birthday Cupcakes at School

The Friday after Princess A's birthday I brought cupcakes to school. The teacher asked me to come the last 20 minutes of class. She got to stand in front of the class while they sang a birthday song. She got to wear one of her 'twirly' flower girls dress she got for her birthday. It left glitter everywhere! Then we handed out cupcakes to all the kids in her class. For these cupcakes I did all of the flowers the same to avoid any arguments. They all loved the cupcakes but a few did not want any frosting. Princess G was in charge of napkins and was very excited. I offered cupcakes to the teacher and the other adults and at first they passed but after they saw them they each wanted one. I guess they must of looked pretty good.

Baby Einstein World Music Review

My girls have always been fans of Baby Einstein and the Little Einsteins and this new DVD is no exception. The music is so much fun. The girls really thought it was neat that the maracas on the Baby Einstein World Music DVD were the same ones that we have. This is the second Baby Einstein DVD that has one of our toys in it. We also received a CD which the girls have been playing over and over. They love dancing to the music and have been dressing up and having shows for Mommy and Daddy. The girls definitely enjoyed the DVD and had even more fun when I got out their instruments to play along with the DVD. The music CD was the biggest hit. My best friend from high school is due next month and I will be including the a Baby Einstein World Music DVD in the package I will be sending her. My girls are a little older than babies (they are 3 and 6 ears old) but the Baby Einstein World Music DVD and especially the CD were big hits!
Baby Einstein World Music DVD launches on March 31 so pick up a copy then!!

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I have never been one for mouthwashes but I am diligent about the care of my teeth. I brush twice a day and floss at least every other day (it is my New Year's Resolution.) Until now that was my dental health care routine. LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE has now been added. After brushing my teeth I swish the LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE in my mouth for about 30 seconds before spitting it out. I then have to remember not to eat or drink for 30 minutes (the eating is easy but I do forget and sometimes take a sip before the time is up.) My husband is a huge proponent of mouthwash. He is currently using the LISTERINE® Tooth Defense. I had him try the LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE and he really likes it. He plans on switching once he uses up the last of his LISTERINE® Tooth Defense.

The new LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE, Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash, is the only fluoride mouthwash that contains six benefits in one:

  • Helping to prevent cavities
  • Restoring enamel
  • Strengthening teeth
  • Killing bad breath germs
  • Freshening breath
  • Fighting unsightly plaque above the gum line

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Saturday, March 21

SKOY Cloth Review

A little over a month and a half ago I was sent a package of SKOY cloths to try. My husband does most of the heavy cleaning so I gave them to him. Growing up my mom never used paper towels so I didn't start using them until I got married. My darling husband uses so many paper towels, he buys the big package at Costco. After waiting a week for him to use the cloths I pulled out a SKOY cloth and tried it myself. I loved it! I followed the directions and wet the towel before use, I then cleaned the counters and kitchen table.The SKOY cloth is a cross between a great sponge and paper towel. When it gets a little grungy I run it through the dishwasher or the washing machine. Between washing I also make sure it is damp and microwave it for a minute to kill and bacteria. I also liked that since it is much thinner than a sponge it dried much faster. The colors are so pretty and after using a SKOY cloth everyday it still looks and works great. SKOY can also save you money according to their website "Using a SKOY cloth is equivalent to using 15 rolls of paper towels in an average home. With the high cost of paper towels, at least $2 a roll, SKOY cloth is the obvious choice for your wallet and the environment." I will say this my households paper towel use has gone down significantly. I can't recall actually using a paper towel for myself in the last month. I have even converted my husband to using the SKOY cloth instead of paper towel most of the time, he still uses the paper towel for the toilet. I love my SKOY and highly recommend it because it works great, will save you money and lastly it is better for the environment (the cloths are biodegradable)!

Friday, March 20

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Hello Everyone!!

I just started blogging about a year ago. Here is my my family.
My blog is mostly an online journal about my life with my two silly little princesses, Princess A who just turned six,
(Her biggest wish was for a Wedding Girl Cinderella)

and my little Princess G who is three.
I love being silly (like hunting for leprechauns) with my girls and having fun. I have also been doing so reviews and giveaways. I plan on a book giveaway in a few days with 5 winners so I hope you will come back. It has been party central at my house lately. My husband had his birthday about a week ago, then Princess A's last week which include a quick trip and her birthday party with friends was yesterday (will post pictures soon). Tomorrow is another party at her school. I am ready to party where I don't have to make cupcakes.

I have made 4 batches of cupcakes and decorated them with fancy flowers in the last week and a half. I also might add with icing made from scratch!
Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Time to forget about sleeping and make some new bloggy friends!!

Here are my prize picks:

58 – Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand MixerProvided by: Moms Who Think

1 — $100 gift certificate to either Pedal Cars and Retro or A Rocking Horse To Love

19 — $50 gift certificate to Target StoresProvided by: Shoot-Me-Now

21 — $50 gift certificate to Target StoresProvided by: Agoosa - Funny Name, Sound Advice

22 — $50 gift certificate to Target Stores

INTL 18, 26 , INTL 61, USC 2, USC 56, 99, 91, 118, INTL 45,USC 47, INTL 22 , 15, INTL 45, INTL 67 , 66 , 38 ,122, 16, 28, 41, 52, 76, 79, USC 10, USC 45, 48, 77, 86, 106, 103, 109, 65, 104, 112, 111, INTL 3, INTL 30, INTL 25, INTL 34, 62, 125, USC 18, USC 29, USC 59, 27, INTL 1, INTL 23 ,INTL 28, INTL 33, INTL 35, INTL 36 — Blog Designs by Sheila

Or anything else for my girls 3 and 6 years old or me their mommy (besides dieting). I am sure I missed some but I think my list is too long already!!

Thursday, March 19

The Rest of Princess A's Birthday

After we left the Wolf Lodge Princess A wanted to go our favorite Japanese restaurant where we used to live. We started going to the restaurant when Princess A was less than 9 months old. We used to go so often that when we showed up they brought out a plate of cucumber slices and tofu cubes for her to snack on. I think the place was sold or at least the lady who was always there is gone. The new lady is not as friendly and never remembers us. Princess A always wants a bowl of miso soup to have all by herself. Princess A also loves the California rolls but we forgot to ask for it without the roe so I had to bite off all the roe before she would eat them. Princess G also loves the food but she likes the teriyaki chicken and the salad the best. She has never been a huge fan of tofu unlike Princess A who can just eat it plain. They both also ate lots and lots of rice!
Next we went for a walk around the lake. It was a little cold so we just climbed up a small hill. Princess A and her sister sort of raced to the top, but Princess A didn't want to drop her lollipop so it was a kind of fast walk.
Even though it was very cold it was so clear and beautiful.
Princess G decided that Daddy was great as a wind breaker and hid behind him.
All in all a great birthday. We just had her birthday with her friends yesterday and she says that she had a great birthday. What more could a Mommy ask for!

Wednesday, March 18

CozyCare Cape Review

I saw the CozyCare Cape on a few blogs and thought it would be great for my daughter to wear for swim practice. The original purpose is for a mom to wear it while giving her baby or toddler a bath. The towel has an opening for the head so the mom or dad can place it around their neck and have the hands free to hold a wet squirmy baby. The cape has a water proof area in the middle of the cape to keep the parent dry. Besides keeping the parent dry, once bath time is over you use the cape as the baby's towel and dry them off. Instead of using it that way I thought Princess G could wear it into the pool area before swim practice. When we got to swim practice Princess A really wanted to try it and she loved it. (She loves it so much her sister has yet to have a chance to try it out.) I did put it on backward and inside out. That way most of the towel was on her back and the waterproof area was on the outside. She loved it! I forgot to take a picture but she also liked the the matching CozyCare Cap. It was great to soak up the water in her hair and believe me her hair soaks up a lot of water which then drips down her back and makes her clothes so wet. I folded her hair up on top of her head and put the cap on. Her hair was not as wet and the wet spot on the back of her dress was much smaller than usual.The CozyCare Cape worked so well that when we went to the Wolf Lodge for Princess A's birthday that is what she wore from our hotel room to the water slides area and back. Let me also say it was much easier to put on (just place her head through the opening) than the bathrobe Princess G wore. The robe was fine when she was dry but once she was wet it was hard to get her little arms in the sleeves. The CozyCare Cape would be great to keep mom or dad dry when washing baby and then to dry off your bundle of joy. The great thing is once your baby is not a baby you could use it like I did for a swim cover-up.
I also saw on Spa Time some very cool CozyCare Mats. One side is terry cloth and the other is darling designer fabric (the Chic design is my favorite). The best part is that there is a third layer in between that is waterproof. I could of used one of these the few times I was trying to clear up diaper rash and let the girls go diaper less. I bet it would also be great if you were trying elimination communication (diaper less all the time.)

Searching For Leprechauns all Day

The princesses spent all day yesterday trying to catch a leprechaun. At school a leprechaun knocked over some chairs, made some messes and left chocolate gold coins for them to eat. On the way home Princess A asked me if a leprechaun was at our house. When we pulled in the garage Princess A pointed out a cereal box knocked over that the leprechaun must be here. She searched the house and found evidence (small messes that Princess G made while she was at school) that a leprechaun was here. She decided that we have to catch him. First they left out pretty things, and then green kisses to entice the leprechaun.
The princesses left out three green kisses and one of them went missing. (I think leprechaun Princess G ate it.) Then Princess A left the kiss on a pretty picture to make it even more enticing! The girls then set up traps all over the house. Next they pretended to be asleep, searched the house and 'heard' footsteps on the stairs.

Since none of the ideas worked Princess A called my Mom (she is half Irish) and left a message asking her how to catch a leprechaun. Nana called around bedtime and told them. First you have to give them an Irish name, call out their name, clap three times and turn around very fast. If you are lucky you will see a streak of green as they run away. After that phone call Princess A tried it over and over. (That tricky leprechaun was just too fast!)

Princess A suggested reading Clever Tom and the Leprechaun to get the leprechaun to come out. Her plan is to get the leprechaun to give her all his gold and then she would become his mother so he would be nice and stop being so tricky.

Wordless Wednesday: Hunting for Leprechauns

The girls set up this trap to catch the tricky leprechaun running around our house.

Tuesday, March 17

Princess A's Birthday

Princess A did not have school on her birthday so the day before we drove to the Wolf Lodge as soon as she got out of school. We went to the Wolf Lodge for my birthday last year and the girls wanted to go again, Princess A's birthday seemed the perfect excuse. As soon as we got there we changed and went on the water slides. After awhile everyone was hungry so we decided to try out the restaurant.
I ordered a buffalo cheese burger which was pretty good.
Princess A signed up for their kid club the last time we went so she had a postcard for a free meal that came in the mail not too long ago. They also gave her a cupcake and sang her a birthday song. The song was cute but the cupcake was not good. The frosting was alright but I think the cupcake had been frozen and was very old and dry.
We went back to the water slides before finally heading off to bed!
The next morning it was time for gifts!!!
Her favorite gift was the Wedding Girl Cinderella.
She didn't think we were going to get it so she was very surprised.
Princess A also wanted 'flower girl dresses that twirl'. I got her two very fancy dresses that both twirl!
She told me two days before her birthday that the dresses were what she wanted the most for her birthday (she had given up on the Wedding Girl Cinderella), luckily I had already bought them!

Next Princess G got to open her gifts, Mulan and a dress.
(We always get a small gift for the non-birthday girl.)
Then Princess G gave Princess A the gift she picked out, Silvermist (a friend of Tinkerbell)Princess A also got shiny new shoes, she needs to grow a little bit before they fit.
Next it was time for cupcakes, I had hidden them so when I pulled them out she was very surprised. We found out later that her birthday wish was for Wedding Girl Cinderella, which she had just opened a few minutes earlier.
We went on the water slides some more before we decided it was time to go.
Princess A held her favorite present in her arms to make sure we didn't forget it and so she could keep looking at Cinderella. Princess G is wearing her new dress. As this was Princess A birthday we did not go straight home but I will post the rest later.