Thursday, March 12

Review: Cinderella the movie

Last week we were lucky enough to be invited to an early screening of Cinderella.  It was simply magical!  My girls just loved the whole movie.  Of course before the movie even started we got to watch Frozen Fever!  My girls are huge fans of frozen, they dressed up as Elsa and Anna for Halloween.  I loved the mini snowman that kept popping up everywhere.  The clip was mostly a song sung by the sisters together and it was perfect!  After the Frozen Fever short the whole audience broke out in applause. 
Once the movie started we were simply mesmerized.  The scenery, the costumes, the actors, the characters, the story were wonderful.  Everyone knows the story of Cinderella, especially the Disney cartoon version, and the movie honors the story but also adds just the right touch to add the story in wonderful and believable ways.  My girls have not stopped talking about the movie and how they cant wait to see it again.  We plan on seeing the movie again in a few weeks in the theater again and of course picking up the DVD when it comes out.  The movies is wonderful and perfect for the whole family, even my husband thought the movie was great.  I do imagine that it will be popular with many ages but probably young ladies most of all. 
I just have to add that the step-sisters were a hoot, from their mannerisms to especially their outfits.  I wanted to laugh every time they had on a new outfit and had something to say.  I would say they were my favorite but I also loved Lady Germaine, Cinderella, the Prince, Fairy Godmother, and well everyone.  They did a fantastic job with casting!  I truly recommend this movie, don't just take my word for it, watch the trailer below:

Disclosure:  My family and I attended an advance screen of the movie.  All opinions stated are my own.