Wednesday, November 20

Review: Frozen 2

My whole family and I have been looking forward to the new Frozen movie!  
Would it be just as good? 
Would the songs be fantastic?

The answer is: YES!

My two daughters said that they like Frozen 2 even more than the original and they adored the first movie. The songs are just a memorable and beautiful. My favorite is the power ballad: In the Woods! I was laughing so hard I missed half the lyrics. The song is great but the images with the songs just make it spectacular!  
The story is powerful and has more depth than the first! 
The scenery is just gorgeous, I could just watch a movie of that. 
I need to see if they have a book so I can just see all of the details. 
I definitely recommend watching this movie, especially if you liked the first one at all. 

Disclosure: My family and I attended a preview of the movie and all opinions stated are my own.