Tuesday, January 22

Simple Truth from Fred Meyer

Yesterday I took the girls grocery shopping and let them pick out a treat. They were very excited to try the milk chocolate drops from Simple Truth (sold at Fred Meyer) since they are artificial dye-free. Since the girls can't have the petroleum based dyes and preservatives, this was exciting to them: candy they can eat! They were very yummy, the only difference was they are less crunchy than M&Ms.

UPDATE: (5/15/14) Since Simple Truth from Fred Meyer contains GMOs we don't eat them anymore.

Tuesday, January 15

My Budding Actress

Princess A and her class wrote and acted in a play based on the book Call of Courage.

Friday, January 11

Girl Scout Cookie Orders

Girl Scout Pre-ordering starts today in Western Washington. What cookies are you going to order from a Girl Scout you know?
My favorite is the Thin Mint but I love them all!

Thursday, January 10

Happy Meal Reward

A few McDonalds in our area recently were remodeled and to celebrate, for a few weeks: Thursdays are $1.99 Happy Meals.

Thursday, January 3

Unreal Candy #mamavation

Look what they found in their stockings!

 Update: (5/15/14) Since these are NonGMOs we buy these at Target all the time!

Wednesday, January 2

Enjoying Last Day of Winter Break

We decided to have a tea party for the last day of winter break and to warm up on a very cold morning.

Tuesday, January 1

Auntee B's Cafe

We decided try to try a new place for breakfast. The food was delicious and we can't wait to go back.