Saturday, July 26

The Pulaski Bed Saga Continues

We ordered a twin bed for Princess G a week before Easter, that was March 15th!!! I just love the bed, it is the Pawsitively Perfect twin bed by Build-a-Bear and Pulaski Furniture Company, yes they make children's bedroom furniture. I really love the bed, but trying to get it has been nothing but a nightmare. A little month after we ordered the bed in came in. Then the nightmare began. We just could not get the bed to fit together. After many phone calls the store sent someone the next day to check the bed. It was not us, the bed was broken and they ordered another bed. For the full saga that time click here. I called in May and was told they were expecting the bed at the end of July or early August. Well we just got another call and now they don't expect the bed until late October. I don't know what to do. I really, really love the bed. The photo just does not do it justice (the picture is of a full bed and we ordered a twin bed and nightstand). For now Princess G is still in the crib and she needs to move out of it. We went down to the furniture store 3 weeks ago (hence the clown photo, she was making balloon wands for customers) to pick out a new bed because we didn't want to wait until August. We did not find anything we wanted. We can get our money back and find a different bed somewhere else but I really love this bed!! I am not sure what to do, I am just worried if we settle for a different bed I will always think of this bed.

Friday, July 25

3 Year Check-up

Princess G went to the Doctors yesterday and she is officially on the weight chart!! Happy dance!! She is above 10% for height and weight. Now most people would not be celebrating 10% but considering she dropped off the weight chart (way off the chart) at about 9 months it is indeed happy news. We don't know for sure why she dropped off the weight chart, but it probably stems from the fact that when she was 2 months old we found out that she was allergic to dairy, soy and nuts. I was breastfeeding at the time so I had to remove all dairy, soy and nuts from my diet. Believe me that is not easy. I had to give up almost all commercially made food (Safeway french bread was the only bread I could eat). I made almost everything from scratch, my DH bought me a bread machine. When she was 16 months old I slowly reintroduced those food into my diet and a few months later she began eating them also. She has outgrown the allergy/sensitivity and now can eat anything. The Doctor said that she appears healthy, she always was even with low weight (surprisingly she was never anemic). The other good news, well for Princess G at least, was no shots were needed today. I know she will have quite a few next year but for today no shots or the dreaded finger prick (her blood work was perfect last year so it was not needed today). I say dreaded because Princess A hates finger pricks, she always offers to get a shot instead.

Thursday, July 24

Princess linens

My girls just love Doodlebugz™ Crayola Crayon Purses they received from Princess G picked the pink striped and Princess A picked the solid pink. We have had them for over a week now and they have used them everyday. We took them out to a restaurant, on errands (they wanted to sit in the double stroller so they could color) and all over the house. The bag came with 10 washable crayons and a pad of paper. We had a moment of tears when Princess G misplaced her pad of paper so I cut up a stack of construction paper in four pieces each. She was so excited to have all the pretty colors she was happy again.

Here is Princess G with her new favorite bag while she was making her birthday party invitation. The girls don't want to leave the house without their Doodlebugz™ Crayola Crayon Purses.
Yesterday we had to drop their Daddy off somewhere and they had to have their purses for the car.

Now besides these o' so cute purses has more Crayola Doodlebugs aprons, toolbelts, duffle bags, crayon keepers, and more.
Princess Linens
also has the most adorable clothes. My favorite is the Garden Princess Dress in Green Hibiscus. They also have some very cute boys clothes. Princess Linens is offering my readers a 15% discount, just use the code SILLY when you checkout. I plan on using the code myself to get my niece a birthday present next month.

Wednesday, July 23

Wednesday Means Garbage Trucks!

Every Wednesday my girls can't wait for the garbage trucks to come. Usually they come during breakfast and as soon as the girls here one of the trucks they run to the front window to watch. They have always loved watching the trucks come by. They love to watch them but refuse to go outside or even the garage if it is open when they come by. I have been taking the girls for walks in the morning with our puppy Chloe but I know better than to even suggest it on a Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 22

Corn Tortilla Picnic

My girls wanted plain corn tortillas toasted in the toaster for a snack. They did not want anything on them, just plain. At least I got them to toast them, the day before they ate them straight out of the bag. They were so excited and kept telling me that they loved their 'Daddy Tortilla Picnic'. I like the flour ones so they are Mommy tortillas and the corn are Daddy tortillas since they are his favorite.

Sunday, July 20

Precious Moments Giveaway

I am trying to plan Princess G's party and I have been using the Birthday Party Checklist from Precious I have always loved the adorable precious moments figurines. My DH husband got me Precious Moments Mother and Baby figurine titled, A Love Like No Other to celebrate Mother's day one year.

Now they have a wonderful website, Precious , that has so many resources for planning celebrations like Anniversaries, Baptisms, Birthdays, Holidays, Baby Showers, Graduations, Weddings and First Communion. They offer tips, checklist, ideas and my favorite, printable invitations and thank you notes. My two girls always send thank you notes and these are so precious. They are so pretty I could see my girls printing some out and giving a set to their cousin for Christmas or her birthday. They can be printed in color but if you printed them in back and white your child could color them in.

I was sent an adorable Birthday Wishes with Hugs and Kisses figurine for Princess G's birthday. She will be tickled since she and her sister always want to hold mine.

Now for the best part you can win one too!! Just visit Precious and tell me the featured product listed when you visit. They change all of the time. If you would like an additional entry blog about this giveaway and leave a separate comment with the link.

The giveaway will run until Sunday July 27 midnight PT and it will only be shipped within the US or Canada.

Good Luck!

UPDATE:Here is your random number:

Timestamp: 2008-07-28 14:46:12

Leigh you are the winner. I will send you an email for your address.

Thursday, July 17

Butterfly Invitations

The girls and I have been reading Fancy Nancy: Bonjour, Butterfly over and over. Now Princess G wants a butterfly birthday party. We started with butterfly invitations. We folded a piece of paper in half, traced half of a butterfly, cut it out, unfolded it and had a butterfly. I printed out the party info and the girls cut and pasted it to the butterflies. Then the girls decorated the butterflies. If you hold the buterfly by its tail it sort of flaps its wings. We then decorated the envelopes and mailed them out. Now I just have to figure out the rest of the party including how to make a butterfly shaped cake, some butterfly crafts and games.

Tuesday, July 15

With Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa (my DH's parents) just came for their first visit in 3 years. The Princesses have been so excited and couldn't wait for them to get here! This was at the Zoo today. I have almost the same exact picture with Princess A and Grandpa from a few years ago in Disneyland and now I have one with Princess G.

Saturday, July 12

Baby Cybershower for Mamanista

There is a cyber shower going on for Mamanista. First Some shower games.

Best Advice: Rarely say No to your child but when you do mean it!

Worst Advice: OK this was from my Mother in Law "If you are going to do your child the disservice of breastfeed at least give it in a bottle!" I might add she said this while I was breastfeeding!

Funniest Advice: Dress you child in red because this is a power color and they will be strong and not get sick! (also from my MIL)

Now here are some of the prizes available in the order I would love to win:

See Kai Run shoes!
My Princess Closet $25.00 gift card

N-Style Mom… $25.00 gift

Lady In Waiting Blog Design is offering a Blog Makeover
See My Designs would like to giveaway one Blog Makeover

Shabby Apple is offering one $25 gift certificate

Classic Bunny Slippers.

Ju Ju Beane Boutique gift code for $25.00

3-pack of Lip Stuff for Crispy Kissers

If you want to join the party click on over to Mamanista

Thursday, July 10

Playing Dumbo

Can you guess what the girls are playing? ...Dumbo!
They made this game up and basically one of them gets on a ball and the other climbs on their back. Once they are on they giggle and fall over. The first time I saw them playing I asked them what they were doing and they said "We're playing Dumbo, Mommy!" I gather it is from Dumbo when the elephant ladies balance on the ball and Dumbo is suppose to jump on to the top, Dumbo trips and all the elephants crash to the ground. They have been playing the game for months and never seem to tire of it.

Wednesday, July 9

Evening walk

I have been trying for years to get my DH to take a walk with the girls after dinner. He always says it is a good idea but we rarely went. Now that we have our new puppy we go every night. We are even taking walks in the morning on the weekend. The new puppy Chloe never goes to the bathroom while we are on the walk we have to take her in the backyard when we get home. I guess we only needed a dog to take walks together. I will take what I can get, lol!

Tuesday, July 8

Paper Hats

Princess A woke up yesterday and wanted to make a paper hat. At first I was not sure which kind she wanted, a crown or a cone shape. Eventually I figured out what she was picturing and we made these. I did not have any paper large enough so I taped two pieces together. Princess A picked black and Princess G wanted black and yellow. After I made the hats they decorated them. Princess G put all of her stickers on the inside so I turned her hat inside out so you could see the decorations. Of course she then put the hat on backwards. I realized later I forgot to take a picture of Princess A in her hat so right before bed I had her put the hat back on for her picture.

Sunday, July 6

Ice Cream for Dinner

We had dessert for dinner tonight. We went to Cold Stone Creamery and the girls both got cotton candy ice cream. Princess A got sprinkles and Princess G got gummy bears. The gummy bears took so long to chew that everyone else finished long before she did. My DH and I got Banana Splits (I can't remember the real name). I got the idea from watching Jon and Kate Plus Eight, once a year they have ice cream for dinner. I mentioned it to my husband a few days ago and he said "Let's go tonight!" Well I had already started dinner so we went tonight. Originally I suggested once a year but we had so much fun tonight that it I hope it will become a monthly tradition.

Thursday, July 3

Thunder Storms!!

We are having the worst thunder storm I have every experienced. It started last night and is still going. The rain is coming down so hard it sounds like hail. Not normally something I would mind but we have a new puppy. I am suppose to take her out every hour and a half. She does not want to be outside and neither do I. I hope my DH comes home a little early today so he can take her out. Besides the rain and going outside the new puppy, Chloe is going well. I just hope the rain lets up a little before I have to go outside again.

Fabulous Tip Friday

Make Popsicles with white grape juice or white cranberry juice. That way when your little one drips Popsicles on their clothes the drip dries clear with no stain.

To protect little knees when drawing with chalk have them kneel on garden knee pads. My girls love using them to kneel or just sit on.

Every week The Mommies United is posting Fabulous Tip Friday and asking readers to post their tips too. They are even having a contest to win a KABOOST,
I know it is not Friday yet but the contest ends tomorrow so I wanted everyone to have the chance to enter the contest too!

Wednesday, July 2

We have a New Puppy

We just got a new puppy today. Her name is Chloe or as the girls call her Chloe Girl. My DH has been wanting a dog for years, we tried twice before. When Princess A was about 18 month we went to meet a beagle. But once the dog jumped on Princess A she wanted nothing to do with a dog after that. Then a year and half ago we actually got a dog and had her for one day. Princess G loved her until she came to our house. At that point Princess G cried if the dog even looked at her. I had to carry Princess G everywhere and by the end of the day it was getting worse so we returned the dog. This time seems like the perfect match. Chloe has been great so far. Two little accidents right after she arrived but since then she has gone outside. I hope tonight goes well. She is 14 weeks old and we are taking her to the vet on Saturday for a check-up. This is our first family dog and we are all very excited.
Isn't she just adorable?

Tuesday, July 1

Date night!!!

My DH and I went to the movies without the girls for the first time in five years. The last movie we saw was together was Terminator 3 when Princess A was a few months old. It was before we moved and my mom was not to far away. She came over and watched Princess A mostly sleep. Monday we went and saw Ironman. I loved it. Downey was great and played the role just right. I really hope my DH and I get out to the movies more often than once every five years. We don't have any family nearby so it gets expensive to get out regularly. We are hoping a cousin of my DH moves to the area. She was a nanny for 10 years and is just wonderful with kids. She is coming in a week to take an exam for a job and I hope she gets it. It would be nice to have family nearby and not just for the free babysitting.