Wednesday, March 30

Bausch + Lomb Biotrue (Contact Solution) Review

I started wearing contacts when I was in 7th grade. I have never been one to forget my contacts are in. My first contacts were hard contacts and believe me they are much thicker than soft contacts and not as comfortable. When I was in college I started wearing soft contacts. They were so much more comfortable but I still noticed them. I just could not find a solution that I liked. My eyes just always felt dry. I ended up just using plain saline solution. Every time I get fitted for contacts I usually give the newest solution a try. I always end up going back to saline. I may have found my solution (pun intended). Sorry I could not resist the pun. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the Bausch + Lomb Biotrue. According to the Bausch + Lomb website: the Biotrue formula matches the pH of healthy tears, keeps certain beneficial tear proteins active, and features a lubricant found naturally in our eyes. Now I did not forget that I was wearing contacts completely put I did not feel them the whole time. Usually almost as soon as I wear contacts I start thinking that I can't wait to get my glasses back. I do not wear contacts everyday, I just got out of the habit after having kids. I will now be wearing my contacts much more often now that I found a great contact solution. Do you wear contacts?
I conducted this review while participating in a Mom Central Consulting blog tour on behalf of Bausch + Lomb Biotrue. I received a Biotrue sample and a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Thursday, March 17

Busy and sick!!

Sorry I have not blogged in almost a week. First I had to help wrap up girl scout cookies sales for my troop. My older daughter had a cookie booth sale. I had a girls scout meeting to plan and run. The girls got sick. Princess A had her birthday party and then I got sick. I actually had to reschedule an art lesson at their school and today I was not able to volunteer in the classroom. The girls are getting better but this head cold I have just will not go away. I have so many posts waiting but I can seem to do more than type in my post using my iPhone. I will try and get on my laptop tomorrow and finish some posts.

Friday, March 11

Disneyland: Day Two

We decided to start the day at California Adventure so we could get fast passes for the World of Color. We also tried Redwood Creek Challenge for the first time.Princess G became a little scared on the rope tunnels and I ended up carrying her on my back.
Once we were at the bottom she and her sister had a blast climbing, sliding and going through tunnels together.
They both decided to try rock climbing and Princess A even made it all the way across.
Their favorite part was the zip line.
They both rode it over and over again!
Next we decided to try another first: Grizzly River Run!
Princess A and Daddy went and when they were done they had so much fun we decided to all go on (plus there was no line!)
We were all soaked but the girls most of all. They soaked the little shorts they were wearing under their dresses but luckily we had some pants for later that they were able to change into.
They both want to go again but I was wet enough.
As we were all drying off we also tried the Golden Zephyr and the Silly Symphony Swings.
Daddy went on the Golden Zephyr with us but decided that the swing were just too high. The girls and I loved them!
Even though we had fun in California Adventure Park the girls could not wait to get back to Disneyland. We went straight to Dumbo!
This ended up being our longest wait, a little over 20 minutes, but that was mainly due to some line jumpers. The girls both love Dumbo, it was both of their first rides ever at Disneyland.
We spent some time going on lots of rides for the rest of the afternoon.
Eventually we ended up in New Orleans Square where we bough the girls pirate swords. They had been wanting them for a while and we finally bought them.
They both had so much fun posing with their new swords and having mock sword fights.
We headed back to California Adventure Park for the World of Color. We showed up less than 5 minutes after we could enter the area and all the good spots were already taken and it was still over an hour until show time. About 30 minutes before the show they make you stand up and try and get people to squish forward. Every time we tried to sit down they came by and made us stand up. The show finally started and we had an OK view except for a big round lamp light and a guy in front of me that would not stop moving. It is standing room only so unless you get the very limited front area (which can get very wet) your kids can't see unless you hold them. My arms were ready to fall off by the end of the 30 minute show.
The show was fantastic but I am not sure I would go and see it again. The first ending with Mickey was great and it show have been the ending. Unfortunately they then had a mini light show about Tron. It was loud, annoying, too bright and just took away from the real show. The Tron guy just kept yelling about his father and other stuff. If you go, leave when the Tron part starts believe me you want to miss that. If you skip the Tron part it was a fantastic show. It is amazing what you can do with water and lights.

Thursday, March 10

Disneyland: Day One

Here we are just as we arrived in Disneyland.About an hour later my sister and her two kids we able to meet us.
My nephew is the little boy in orange to the right, he did not want to take a picture with all of the girls.)
These two were best friends immediately!
We rode on the small world, pirates, and a bunch in fantasy land including the carousel.
Princess G was not able to ride her favorite horse (Rosies) so she was a little sad. Of course right after the picture she was happy again. She really loves on particular horse which luckily she was able to ride eventually.
Here I am with my little sister.
Do you think she looks like me, minus the blond hair?
My sister was getting over a cold so they decided to leave before dinner. The girls were sad to say goodbye. I heard that in the car later they both asked to come back in two days and meet us again. It was wonderful seeing them and hope it is less than a year before we see them again!
After they left we found some dinner and went on a few more rides.
Princess A also had fun pushing her little sister, Princess G all over the park. The stroller is much to small for her but since Daddy's broken foot is still not quite healed we decided to bring it. There is no way I will be able to carry her when she gets tired. We decided not to stay until the park closed at eight since we had been up since about 2 am.
A long but wonderful day!!

Sunday, March 6

Another Stuffed Animal

Near the end of January we returned a Christmas gift of Princess G's to Toys'R'us. The girls each got to pick out a small toy. Princess A picked out a Tinkerbell in a lantern and Princess G picked out a bath Polly Pocket that came with a boat. They also saw these puppies but my darling husband and I agreed that the girls had to many stuffed animals already. The girls were fine with it and did not mention them again. I thought that was the end of it until a week later. My darling husband had to make a quick overnight trip to Oregon and when he came back he had these. It was also the first time Daddy saw Princess A's new glasses so it was also to celebrate that. I can never leave him alone with the girls in a store with stuffed animals or as I learned a few times (even in Macy's) Daddy will always give in. Usually it is his idea and sometimes I catch him trying to talk them into wanting another stuffed animal!

Saturday, March 5

PTA Reflections

Both of the girls' photographs won the PTA Reflections at their school and went on to district. They did not win at district but their photos were displayed in a local mall.
This is the picture Princess G entered: Together we can race!

Princess A entered this photo: Together we can make it clean!

Friday, March 4

New Fruit Trees

We were in Costco when we saw a bunch of fruit trees. We decided to get two trees, a cherry and the girls picked a sugar plum. They just really liked the name, I hope they are tasty plums. We have never bought trees from Costco, I hope they do well.
Have you tried the plants at Costco?
We were tempted by the blueberry bushes and this week the bare-root roses.

Thursday, March 3

Book Club

Princess A (and Princess G who tags along) love the book club at the library. They meet once a month and the girls are always so excited to attend.
Does your library have great programs?
Last month we also attended a class on origami there.

Tuesday, March 1

Tackle it Tuesday: Tangled Hair

Princess A decided that Rapunzel's hair would look beautiful in a knot. She split the hair into two strands and then proceeded to tie it in knots, over and over again and then twisted it all together. It was a huge tangle!
I turned on the television, grabbed a doll brush and got to work. Surprisingly it only took about ten minutes. Princess G has the same doll but since she did not tie it in knots when I did her doll it only took a few minutes. Do your kid's dolls' hair get tangled too?
What did you tackle this week?