Wednesday, April 30

Cyber Shower Party

Happy Panda is throwing a Cyber Shower Party for Margie of Chesapeake Ribbons and the new blog Gunning It. They are giving aways some great prizes, my top picks are (I tried to stop at five):
Stuff for Sprouts
Boca Beth
Happy Panda
Good Thoughts Paper Company
The Diaper Clutch

See my Designs by Shauna

Now what is a shower with out some games.

#1 Guess how many jelly beans are in the baby bottle

I guess 73 jelly beans

#2 Best Baby Bump Picture

This is a picture of me with Princess A two days before I had Princess G.

My Mom had come to watch Princess A and we had taken a walk around our neighborhood. I had been on been rest for 6 weeks and had just been allowed to return to normal activities.

A side note: I loved those sweats. They were my most favorite sweats I have ever owned. I almost did not want to lose the baby fat just so I could still wear them (I did say almost) lol.

#3 How many diapers are in the diaper cake

I guess 54 diapers

#4 Share your birth story.

With Princess A I had an appointment on my due date to check the amniotic fluid levels (I had to go in every three days). It was the first appointment DH could not attend, his reserve unit had just been activated. Well they check my amniotic fluid and the level are fine but my heart is racing. They started asking my lots of questions. Have you had any coffee? Cold medication? Any medication? Are you on any illegal drugs? Now if you knew me you would laugh, I rarely drink (a few times a decade) and I have never taken illegal drugs. I don't even like taking aspirin. They then tried to trick me into admitting I was on something. I had not even had any chocolate, coffee or soda. Eventually they decided that since my heart rate was over 130 beats per minute they would induce me (it was my due date.) Eventually my DH arrives and they start to induce me. They then had a rush of deliveries and slowed down my inducement. When the real labour started it was very fast. Before I knew it I had my baby. She was so beautiful. My DH cried and asked if he could hold her. Later I nursed her and then asked if I could eat. I have never been so hungry in my life!! After I ate I just held her for hours and marveled at the miracle she is!

OK another side note. My heart rate was still over 120 beats per minute two days later and they wanted to send me home! I refused to leave. The next day my heart was back to normal so I checked out of the hospital (they never did determine why my heart was racing). We rushed home to beat a huge storm, it hit with a vengeance 20 minutes after we got home.

Sunday, April 27

Big Girl Bed Saga

Well we are moving Princess G out of her crib and into a twin bed. The bed was ordered a week before Easter and it came in. We picked the bed up and a mattress and brought it home. We took the crib apart and started to put the new bed together. We were all so excited and then it did not go together. The bed rails just would not hook onto the headboard or the foot board. We tried everything and finally called the store. After many phone calls to different people they told us they would call us the next day. I was mad to say the least, though I was very polite and never raised my voice. We returned the truck we rented and by then it was past dinner time. I threw something together and we ate. Now it was late and we were not in the mood to put the crib together. Instead I added some bed rails on the guest bed and put Princess G in there. She was excited at first but after an hour wanted her crib back. Eventually she fell asleep, but I was restless and checked her all night. Finally the store called and sent someone over to our house to check the bed. He showed up (after going to the wrong house) and it was not us, the bed is broken. I was so frustrated with the store (we ordered from them once before and they kept sending us home with the wrong bed) so I told them to take the bed and I wanted my money back. I calmed down later and told the store if they would deliver and set up the bed (they do not offer this service) I would still like to purchase the bed. I was a little surprised but they agreed. Now we just have to wait a couple of weeks for the bed to come in.

Saturday, April 19

Huggies CleanTeam: Dirty Kids vs. Bath Time

Angela over at Seven Dogs and a Baby is having a contest as part of Connor's Birthday Bash (see the previous post) for the “Best Dirty Story 2008” My story involves myself as a kid. Growing up my Grandparents had a huge backyard with a giant garden. We loved helping my Grandpa water the garden and turning the hose on each other in the process. Well Grandpa left the hose on once for a few hours, he went into the house catch part of some game on TV and forgot. Well we found the giant mud puddle. We were all in our bathing suits, all eight of us. It was almost Fourth of July so all of the cousin were visiting. You can see where this is going! We started 'swimming' in the mud. We were cover head to toe. Eventually my Grandma came out to investigate. We thought we were going to be in such trouble. Instead she just laughed and laughed and then ran into the house to get the camera. By then Grandpa had started to rinse us off (he had come out when Grandma was laughing so hard.) When Grandma came out with the camera she had us put the mud back on that had been rinsed off. She had that picture hanging over the television for years until she passed away. We then had to take turns trying to rinse the mud off. Then we had to take turns taking a shower. We normally would take baths (2 or 3 kids at a time). This time she carried us one at a time and scrubbed us in the shower. Grandpa was sent out to pick up dinner as it took a while to clean 8 Grandkids. I wonder where that picture is, if I can find out who has it now and get a copy I will post the picture.

Sunday, April 13









Find more cupcake poems and a contest at Mommies United


I was sent cleanteam shampoo, hand soap, and moist wipes to review by M80 on behalf of Kimberly Clark. We have not had the chance to try the shampoo yet but we did use the hand soap and wipes. The Hippo hand soap was a huge hit. When you push the head down to dispense the soap a light inside the head blinks for 20 seconds (the proper amount of time you should be srubbing your hands). The Princesses just loved that, they kept washing their hands with the lights off, just to watch the blinking light. The light does not come on though unless you push all of the way down, which Princess A did not always accomplish. A couple of times I was called into the bathroom since they thought it was broken, once I figured out the problem I just let Princess A know she had to push down all of the way. The wipes worked great and were easy to remove one at a time from the container. I like the light scent but I do prefer unscented products. We will be buying more when we run out.

Friday, April 11

My Mom is coming!!

I have been busy all week with playdates and getting the house ready for my Mom. I am just so excited for her to come. I have not seen her since Easter last year. She has been so busy getting her Masters that she has not been able to come for a visit. My two Princesses have been counting down the days. When she is here she in going to look into applying to teach school here. That would be wonderful as we have no family in the area. We are going to a fair and possibly the zoo if the weather is decent. As soon as Princess A gets home she wants to make something for Nana.

Monday, April 7

Mini Slumber Party

My two Princesses are much to small for slumber parties but they ask all of the time. They want to have a friend over or just sleep together in one of their beds. This past week I sort of relented. I told them they could have a mini slumber party in Princess G's crib (we did it three nights). I put them to bed early but together in the crib. I pretended it was the real bed time and even tucked them in. I then left them to play until the real bedtime. They had so much fun, I heard lots of giggling and bursts of laughter. I really like it since they climbed right into bed and I had some extra time to myself in the evening to spend with my DH. When I told them the slumber party was over they grumbled a little bit until I reminded them that they could do it again. They had so much fun I might make it more of a regular thing.

Saturday, April 5

Princess wand craft

The Princesses have been into crafts lately and I bought them a Princess craft kit to keep them busy during spring break. It comes with everything you need to make a wand, a crown, necklaces, bookmarks, a frame and lots of other projects. Notice I said a wand and a crown. Hence the problem. I never thought one crown, one wand, two girls. I noticed it before we started so I ran around the house trying to find a substitue wand for one of my girls. I took the cardboard tube from a dry cleaning hanger (we only had two and I broke one). I let Princess G pick a ribbon and I wrapped the tube in red ribbon. I glued the ends and tucked them in the ends of the tube. Princess G then used two sticky foam pieces to sandwich the stick in between. She then covered it with princess foam stickers. I added a ribbon and beads (like the one in the kit) and it turned out great. You can see the two wands here. I think my homemade one turned out pretty good considering I came up with the idea in only a few minutes. I also traced the crown that came in the kit onto a craft foam sheet so they each had a crown too! I forgot to take a picture but I think it turned out well, at least Princess G is happy with it.

Friday, April 4


Today the Princesses and I made some cupcakes and of course we had to put sprinkles on top. We have quite the collection of sprinkles as the Princesses love using different kind. I would love a Cupcake Courier to carry our cupcakes as I know I will be bring them to school next year when Princess A starts kindergarten. Mommies United is giving one a way each week, I would really like to win!!!

Thursday, April 3

Grocery Bag

I have been meaning to for a while and today I remembered to bring my own bags to the store! I did have to use some grocery bags from the store (note to self bring more bags even for small trips) but every bag not needed is a start. I also discovered that Fred Meyer will give you 5 cents off your bill for every bag you bring. Now if I had only bought what I planned they would have fit but Princess G actually went into the Kiddieland (a play area for the kids that is supervised so you can shop sans kids). I was having so much fun shopping by myself that I wandered around and found some extra deals. I also used the whole hour and that has never happen before. I sort of want to go back tomorrow and have a coffee at the in store Starbucks and let them play in kiddieland.

Washing hands

Princess A loves washing her hands with foaming soap. She loves that it is already foamy before she even scrubs her hands. We have tried a few and I would really like to try the Cleanteam version with the Hippo head. Princess G loves all things Hippo, I wonder if I could entice her to use the potty with the promise of Hippo soap. M80 Parents Meta: Parents is having a contest and review, head on over and see.

Tuesday, April 1

Spring Break

We are having a very relaxed Spring Break. Yesterday we just played around the house and today was a play date/lunch at a new friend's house. We were suppose to arrive at 11am so we were just about to leave the house (on time)when Princess A says "Mommy do you want to read the story I made?" She then shows me some paper that is drawn all over. She just came from her room (which pen and crayons are not allowed in) so I told her to "bring me the green pen right now!" "But Mommy it's not a pen, it is a pencil and I only got a little on my bed spread." Not what I wanted to hear. Surprisingly it came out in a few minutes with just some water not like the pen incident a few months ago. So we were a little late, plus it was in an area I have never been so I was a little unsure I was going the right way. We had so much fun we stayed longer than I planned. Princess A has a new friend and hopefully it will last a long time.