Monday, June 29

Business Trip with Daddy

My darling husband had to go on an overnight business trip at the end of last week and we went with him. The girls were most excited about staying in a hotel and going in the pool. Here they are with their Hippo floaties. There are some outlet malls near the hotel and I really want to check out a few shops. I went in a few, got a few things but did not stay long. The girls only wanted to get back to the hotel!! Later that night Princess G did not seem well. She fell asleep at bedtime, which they never do in a hotel. They always try and stay up. By the next morning I knew she had a fever.

The plan was that I was going to finally get a little shopping done Friday afteroon. Since Princess G was sick we only stopped at a shop selling discontinued Disney merchandise, well after a quick stop at Target for some Children's Ibuprofen. We had seen the shop the day before but it did not open for business until Friday morning. We each got a shirt and the girls picked out Snow White purses (really make-up bags but they think they are purses since that is what Daddy told them.) After the one stop we went home. Princess G is still sick and miserable. Princess A was sick for a whole week so I am going to assume I will be home every day at least until Thursday.

Sunday, June 28

Our Father's Day

Daddy with his two little Princesses!
Princess A gave Daddy the Zelda book she made (pictured above), a Grumpy t-shirt, Punch-Out for the Wii (they have been playing it every night) and a picture and card she made at school.

Princess G made Daddy a book too. She also gave him two ties (very nice ones I picked out), a My Little Pony book and a bag of kissies (she blew them into the gift bag.)

Even though Princess A was still sick and we had to stay home it was a wonderful Father's Day.
(Princess G now has the cold and that is why I have not been blogging!)

Friday, June 26

Fun at the Park

This is their new game. Instead of pushing your sister you grab her legs!

Giggle! Pull and let go!

When that gets boring go on the slide, both up and down it!
Then go back and do it all over again!

Thursday, June 25

Field Day

Field day at school was the Tuesday last week. It was the last full day Princess A went to school even though she really had a few more before summer vacation started. I was in charge of the hula-hoop station. Here is Princess A running by.
Soon Princess A came and asked if Princess G could go and play with her. They wanted to be independent so I pretended to let them go off on their own. I really watched them from about 100 feet away. Holding hands with some other students they started to skip back. I just knew they were about to fall and they did, it was almost as if it was in slow motion. I ran over but besides some scraped knees and elbows (mostly Princess A) they were fine. (Side note: The school nurse was so lazy she did nothing and offered to do nothing. I cleaned them up in the bathroom and had to ask for bandages.)
After playing on the playground for a while they decided to try the sponge relay race. The teams were girls against boys (kindergartens plus Princess G).
Princess A and Princess G's team won!!

Right before Field day ended they wanted to try the balloon toss. Princess G caught hers once and wanted to keep it and named the baby balloon 'Bubbles'. It was slowly leaking a little water and after a while just popped.

After school I took them out for lunch, the girls favorite bento box (sushi, teriyaki chicken, miso soup and such.) We also make a quick stop at Micheal's to pick up the sketchpads to make the teacher gifts.
We also stopped at McDonald's for ice cream cones. I am so glad we went out that day since later that night Princess A came down with her cold that lasted over a week. She never really went to school any more, besides the quick goodbye to her teachers.

Wednesday, June 24

Princess G's Friends

Early one morning, after Daddy left for work, I had a little visitor and all her friends. She just climbed up in bed and soon fell asleep.

Tuesday, June 23

Celebrating the End of Kindergarten

Since Princess A was sick on Thursday we had to postpone her celebratary dinner. The next day we though she was well enough to go out and she picked Thai food. Just as the food arrived her energy just disappeared. I ended up feeding her, you can see her eyes are so tired. Besides that she said she had a great time.
Of course she found the energy for Daddy's surprise: Toys 'R us! They each got to pick out one thing that was not too much. Princess A decided on a new DS game, Imagine Ballet Star.

Princess G picked a plush Cinderella doll. The doll was in the clearance section and considering stores stopped carrying these dolls over a year ago I wonder where it had been. Princess G was happy because her sister already has that doll as she always loved playing with it. Now she has her own.

Monday, June 22

Last Day of School

Princess A was still sick Thursday and was not able to go to school for the day. She wanted to say goodbye and give her gifts to her teachers so we got ready for a quick visit to school. We went a little early and only stayed a few minutes.

Princess A receiving her 'diploma' for graduating from kindergarten. Her teacher got a little teary-eyed as did I. We are planning on a trip to the zoo soon with her teacher and her two daughters.
Princess G wanted to be in the picture too!

Princess A has a student who needs a little extra personalized help in her class. This is the wonderful teacher who helps that little girl. She has also become close to my girls.
Besides the end of the year thank you gifts I picked up for the teachers, the girls made them personalized sketchbooks. They each drew a picture and I used spray adhesive to make it the cover of the sketchbook. The girls were going to make two books a piece but since they were so sick, one for each teacher was enough. It was a good thing Princess A did not stay because about the time class was ending Princess A's fever spiked to 103.4. I spent most of the day and night trying to keep her cool and comfortable. Her fever finally broke early in the morning but she was still sick for days. Today she is finally almost back to normal.

Thursday, June 18

Today is the last day of Kindergarten

This was Tuesday, Field Day at school (I will blog about it later as I keep having to check on the girls). Today is Princess A's last day of Kindergarten and I don't know if she will be able to attend, she has a fever. The fever started late Tuesday and she missed school Wednesday. I really hope she is able to attend as the girls made gifts for her teacher. Plus she needs to pick up the memory book her teacher (and the parent volunteers including me) have been working on for each students.
I started this post 2 hours ago but with both of them calling me I just finished it. Originally the post was titled 'Tomorrow is the last day of Kindergarten' and I had to change tomorrow into today. Yippee, a whole 15 minutes of quiet!!!

Wednesday, June 17

Wordless Wednesday: Covered in Chocolate Pudding

The girls taking turns licking the whisk used to make Chocolate Pudding Pie!
Daddy was gone on an overnight business trip and the girls wanted to make him a surprise!
Since Princess G climbed into bed about 2 a.m. the night before a quick, no-bake dessert seemed the best. We make a chocolate pudding pie with an Oreo crust and cool whip on top!

Tuesday, June 16

First Snow Cone of the Summer

The girls got so excited when they heard the sound of summer, the ice cream truck!!!
The girls had so much fun eating and dripping the snow cones all over in the backyard.
Princess A found this dress mixed in with her dress-up clothes. She was so excited to wear a 'nudey back dress' (a backless dress).
Of course Princess G had to wear one too.

Monday, June 15

Last Monday Helping at Kindergarten

Today was our last day helping in Princess A's kindergarten class. Princess A is not the only one who will miss school when it is over. Princess G loves our Mondays at school. She adores Princess A's teacher and I think the feeling is mutual.

Princess G always wants to look through this Dora book when I am using the copier. I can't believe school is almost done. Tomorrow is field day and the last day of school is Thursday.

My First Strawberry Shortcake

I vaguely recall having strawberry shortcake when I was a little older than Princess A. I had a bunch of strawberries and decided to give it a try. I pulled out my Betty Crocker Cookbook (the same version my mom had when I was growing up) and it turned out great. The rest of the family has never had strawberry shortcake, including my husband. Princess G tried some but just mostly ate the whipped cream (I made it from scratch) and a couple of strawberries. The rest of us had seconds. YUMMY!!!

Saturday, June 13

Princess A Lost her Second Tooth

Wednesday morning as we were getting ready to leave for the zoo she wiggled her tooth out. She was so excited that it fell out with wiggling instead of me gently pulling it. The next morning she woke me before 6:30 to show me what the tooth fairy left her, especially the letter:
Dear Princess A,
I can't believe how big you have gotten since I last visited you. You are doing a great job keeping your teeth shiny and clean, but try and floss a little more often. Keep smiling!
Love, Tooth Fairy.
She also left four quarters, two pennies (one for each tooth that has been lost) and a jewel stuck to the lid of her special Tooth Fairy box. (The Tooth Fairy will leave one each time she collects a tooth.) Princess A was more excited about the pennies than the quarters because pennies are used for wishes. Oh, to believe that all your wishes can come true!

Friday, June 12

Trip to the Zoo

Princess A lost her second loose tooth Wednesday and we went to the zoo to celebrate. (We were suppose to go with a friend of Princess A's who is moving in a week but they had too much packing left.) When we arrived I let the girls decide the itinerary. They picked the play area first, which we usually do near the end.
They always love to play on the giant sea anemone and the spider web above.

The girls wanted to feed the goats next.Last time we went Princess G was still a little hesitant with the goats but this time she couldn't wait to feed them. Princess G wanted to make sure that each goat got a least one treat.

After seeing the elephants, tigers and monkey we went to the new budgies exhibit. I bought each of them a seed stick and Princess G got a bird on her stick first, a blue one just like she wanted.

It took a little longer for Princess A to have a budgie land on her stick. The bird was spooked before it finished the seeds. We stayed longer trying to get a another bird to land but they were not hungry.

Here we are in front of the mural in the aquarium.

Another favorite, after visiting the seahorses, is the tidal pool area where you can touch the sea creatures. After a quick visit to the bathroom we came back and had it all to ourselves. Princess A was asking about what each of the creatures ate and we got to watch the sea anemones being fed.
No visit is complete without a squished penny, a small glass animal and a ride on the carousel.
The carousel had broken down but just as we walked up they needed volunteers for a trial run. We hopped on and had an extra long ride. We will have to make many more trips before our membership ends at the end of July.

Thursday, June 11


Daddy took all three of his girls to see the movie UP! Daddy has been playing the trailer over and over for the girls. I think he was almost more excited to go then the girls.The movie was great but Princess G did get a little scared near the end of the movie. At one point some dogs were about to attack and she got very scared. She grabbed my hand and put it over her eyes. I started to remove my hand when the bad guy started shooting a shotgun. She grabbed my hand and put it back over her eyes. She did say that she can't wait to see it again. I would recommend this movie but if your child is scared of dogs you might want to skip it. I know we will be buying a copy when it comes out on DVD.

Wednesday, June 10

Dancing at School

Just pure silliness!!!
(Yes, she picked out her clothes herself!)