Saturday, February 23

Painting all week

When we moved into this house, over two years ago, Princess A's room was a beautiful blue but it had a lot of patches where the teenager, who had that room, had hung many things. We finally painted it. DH and I had been talking about it for a while so I was not too surprised last Sunday when he said lets go too Home Depot. Well we bought a lovely shade of light pink and came home. Did we start painting? No! Instead we spent most of the day on the yard. Then at 4 pm my DH started painting. I thought we should wait until this weekend but I was over ruled by the Princesses and DH. We painted every evening (I painted a few times during the week but with the Princesses 'helping' I got little done!) and by Thursday we were done!!! As usual my DH said "It looks great but I don't want to paint for a long time!" I always laugh since he says that every time.

Wednesday, February 20

Lotion bars

Last year my Mom bought me a lotion bar which I have to say I kind of forgot about for a while. Princess A does not like lotion at all on her hands. She will run to the bathroom and wash it off as soon as I put any on her hands (the rest of body is fine I can lather on all I want!). Well with the harsh cold weather her hands were stating to really dry out and crack. I remembered the lotion bar and she just loves it!! Well it is getting smaller and smaller so I need to get some more. Can anyone recomend a lotion bar to order? My mom picked this one up at a farmer's market on vacation so I can't get the same kind. I am looking for something all natural and maybe even a fun shape for my girls.

Friday, February 15

Great Valentine's day

I made fun heart sandwiches for my princesses and we then made playdough hearts (I got the idea from (Gourmet mom on the go, she got it from scrumdily-do) for their Daddy. My darling husband picked up sushi and other Japanese food for our Valentine's dinner. I was happy just not to be cooking but it was also so yummy. We were all stuffed but the day still got better. DH got all three of his girls flowers (I got a bouquet of Lillies and a rose and the girls each got a single rose) and presents. The girls got their favorite Disney princess, prince, and carriage sets. They played with them all evening and all this morning. I got a new DS Nintendo game, Professor Layton and the Curious Village. I really like it so far though I have not gotten very far. The girls did not want to leave the house yesterday, except for the park, so I was unable to pick up something special for my DH. Instead I wrote out I heart U in his favorite M&Ms (green peanut) in a bowl of the pink valentine ones. A very nice Valentine's day and even better the house smells wonderful whenever I pass by my flowers!!

Tuesday, February 12

Crocheted Cupcakes

I just started crocheting and knitting again. I have been making cupcakes for my Princesses and Princess A friend. Of course as soon as I was done with them Princess wanted another one and then asked me to make her a cake. I used this pattern to make the cupcakes. I then experimented a bit and made two cakes that fit their play cake tins.

Now Princess A wants me to make some cookies for Pinky!!

Monday, February 11

My weekend

I had such an exciting Saturday. I spent most of the late afternoon sewing my Princess A's two favorite stuffed animals. She has had them since she was born and the stuffing was not fluffy in the least. She has been hinting and telling me they needed to be fixed but I have been avoiding it for a few weeks. Well she found my bag of stuffing (I have been making crocheted cupcakes) and said "See Mommy you can fix Pinky and Sunny with this!" So I opened then up, removed the arms, removed old stuffing, restuffed and sewed them up. Now Pinky (and sunny, not pictured) are good as new.
Does not sound bad but these bears have been so well loved I had to match the seems exactly since the outside fur is several shades lighter that the orginal color. Hopefully the stuffing will last a little longer this time.
In any case my little Princess was so happy when I was done she danced and danced with Pinky and Sunny for a long time just because "Mommy I so happy!! Pinky and Sunny are new again!"
As long as they are happy right!!

Friday, February 8

Bread machine

When Princess G was little she had many food allergies (soy, dairy and nuts) and since I was nursing it was as if I did too. Well my darling husband bought me a bread machine since the only bread I could find that I could eat was french bread from one particular store. Princess G is fine now and eats anything and everything so I have not used the bread machine in a while. The girls and I decides to make some bread. Princess A was glued to the machine for almost an hour and kept opening the lid to watch the mixing. The bread was alright I might try making the dough in the machine and baking in the oven. Now Princess A wants to make cinnamon swirl bread. Anyone have a good recipe?

Thursday, February 7

My little artist

Princess A has been into painting lately, especially when I add some glitter paint to it. She wanted to paint like a real artist so I made this for her (I don't recall the name of it). She loved it and had me make a few extras for the next time we paint. Her sister Princess G painted for a little while with water colors but went off to play with her princess dolls before the regular paint came out.

Tuesday, February 5

Knitted hearts

Last week I got two beautiful knitted hearts that I won from . My girls are loving the hearts and have been playing with them ever since. I meant to post last week but the flu has been going around and around our house. I have a cute photo of only one since Princess G said hers did not want a picture taken.