Thursday, October 30

Leaving School with Princess G

On days we don't have to rush to swimming Princess G loves to practise balancing on the curb. We walk so slow the students catch up with us as we walk to the front of the school to leave.

Wednesday, October 29

Trick or Treating at the Zoo

As soon as we arrived the girls were 'starving' so we ate first. Princess G wanted Daddy to hold her while she ate.

We have been to the Zoo with Daddy a few times but he has never seen the sharks before.

It is nice having some muscle to push that double stroller,
plus he is fun to look at!

The girls love sitting in this bucket seat thing that spins at a weird angle. I like it too but I sure do get a little dizzy when Princess A spins me as fast as she can.
We always end our visits on the carousel.

Since Daddy was with us I made sure some pictures of Mommy and her girls were taken.

Tuesday, October 28

Chicken Dance

The Apron Queen created a great new recipe Ay Caramaba! Chicken Spaghetti using Velveeta cheese. Right now she is having The Apron Queen's Chicken Dance Giveaway to promote her participation in the Velveeta Casserole Challenge. For the giveaway post pictures of your family doing the chicken dance and be entered to win up to 4 aprons of your choice from Rick Rack Attack. As for the Velveeta Casserole Challenge she is hoping you will vote for her recipe starting October 30 and you should as it is so yummy!!
My girls wanted to make a movie so here are my girls doing the "Funky Chicken Dance!" (That is what Princess A said they call it at school.)

Carving Pumpkins

Here are our three lovely pumpkins, which took forever to pick out.
We had to have just the right pumpkins!
First the girls drew a face on their pumpkin.All smiles before Daddy makes the first cut.Princess G want a good look before announcing "Yucky!"Princess A thought it was yucky too but she couldn't wait to reach in and squish it all around. Since I did most of the cleaning out of the pumpkins I wanted some fun carving too!Daddy decided carving two pumpkins was enough so for the last one they just drew a fancy design with markers. Here are the finished pumpkins!

Monday, October 27

Bloggy Giveaway Carnival

Well it is that time of year again, time for a Bloggy Giveaway Carnival. I am giving away a $25.00 certificate to Nikki's Character Creations. They have lots of cute items and some can be personalized. I know you are busy so to enter simple click here to vote for my girls (I promise very easy, just click the red "Sign my Ballot" button, enter your name and zip code) and once you have done that leave a comment that you voted. Watch the video if you have time or come back later, it really is cute.

If your email is not easily available on your blog please include it.

Please really vote, I know how many votes there are before the bloggy carnival.

I will be having more contests soon so come back after the carnival.

Now click on the button and enter all of the other contests.

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

Update: the winner is Emily. I emailed and she has 72 hours to respond.

Also my daughters' video made it to the final round and I hope you will continue to vote for them daily.

Sunday, October 26

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am being spoiled by my family today!!!

Here is a picture of me with my Mom over 30 years ago!

Saturday, October 25

Princess A's First Apple Pie

Princess A has been wanting to make an apple or pumpkin pie for quite awhile. I never remember to buy a pie crust and it seemed to much work to make it from scratch. Pensieve made The Best Apple Pie in the World and included the recipe. The recipe for the pie crust seemed easy enough so we gave it a whirl. We also had a bunch of apples that no one was eating. It was delicious!! I loved the whole pie and the crust was really yummy. I think it would be even better with a tart apple, we used Gala apples as that is what I had. Princess G is not a fan of the pie, she barely took a bite so maybe she did not really try it. I later used the crust recipe (minus 1 tablespoon of sugar) for a spinach quiche I made (Yummy). This time Princess G loved it and Princess A did not. She still ate it but with lots of milk to wash it down. I will be making this pie again and I will be using the super easy but great pie crust over and over!!

Friday, October 24

Crazy Hat Day

Princess A wore her new red cowgirl hat for crazy hat day at school. They even had a parade around the school so everyone could see all the hats!

Thursday, October 23

Show Me How Book Review

This book Show Me How by , is so cool!! The book has illustrations with instruction on how to do 500 things and the range of skills shown is unbelievable and fun. The things to do are as different as wrestling and alligator, origami, balloon animals, clay animals, making a disco ball out of a cd, making a bowl out of a record, to making rock candy. Even if you never try one of the 500 things (and I can not believe you can find one to try, I have a huge list and I am only through the first 100) the illistrations themselves are fun to look at.
My girls keep looking through the book asking if they can try that. This is book everyone would love to have, from the very young who can't read to 90 year olds!!
I bet it was fun when they came up with the list of things to include. I can't wait for the next book, that is if they make one. The book is not available in stores until October 28 but you can preorder one here.

Wednesday, October 22

Smelling the Flowers

My little cutie in her favorite shoes and dress!

Tuesday, October 21

Children's Museum

I forgot to publish these pictures from the birthday party at the children's museum. The girls really had a blast.

Here they are dressing up for the theater stage.
Princess G really liked the pretend flower shop and garden.
Isn't she cute!!

The last time we went Princess G was only 3 months old. Princess A was 2 1/2 and she remembers of falling into the water and soaking her shirt.
(Nana was watching her while I nursed Prncess G. My mom came and asked me if I had a extra shirt, I did not so she bought a too big shirt in the gift shop.)This was in a little treehouse that the girls got stuck in, they had no problem climbing up but they could not climb down. I got to squeeze in and save them.

We really should try and go more often than once every 3 years!

The Right Baby Gear is Having a Contest

You can win one of five Hooter Hider Nursing Covers at a contest on The Right Baby Gear . They have such pretty materials, here are just two examples. Hurry over and enter as the deadline is my birthday, Sunday, Oct 26

Monday, October 20

Win a LeapFrog Didj, Leapster2, or Tag System

Punnybop is having a great contest to win LeapFrog Didj, Leapster2, or Tag System. Make sure you enter by entries until 1 p.m. CT Friday, Oct. 24
My two Princess would love one of these. We are Leapfrog believers in this house.

Saturday, October 18

Bouncy Birthday Party

We went to another bouncy party and the girls just loved. We might end up having Princess A's party here next year. Every time we leave a bouncy party she reminds Daddy that he said she could have a bouncy party.