Tuesday, February 22

Goodbye Lucybird

Our pet Lucybird passed away. My husband has had a few birds before and they always seemed to decline over a few days to a few weeks. Not Lucybird, she was fine when we put her to bed. An hour later, while I giving the girls dessert, she was making a very strange noise. I got my husband and less than an hour later she was gone. Princess A made her the note above to bury with her.We decided to paint some rocks to place over her burial spots. All of the paint washed off later the first time it rained, I guess I shouldn't of used washable paint. The only rock still marked is the one I wrote her name on with a Sharpie. We picked a pretty spot in the yard that we can see from the kitchen window. She has been gone for a few weeks and I keep forgetting she is gone. The girls were ready to pick out a new pet the next day but I think their Daddy won't be ready for quite awhile. Lucybird was really his pet but we all miss her. The girls tell me that Lucybird sometimes sings to them in their dreams but the rest of the time she is in heaven with their Great-Grandmas. This was the first death they had to deal with in person and it did bring up lots of questions. A few years ago when my husband's grandmother passed away the girls heard about it (they did not know her at all) and Princess A became worried about death. I told her that everyone is suppose to live a really long time (almost a 100 years) but sometimes if you have an accident or something else you can go to heaven early. The 100 number really helped her as she likes to figure out how much longer a person will be alive unless they go to heaven early. (I added the go to heaven early part to explain why younger people can die and to let them know that we still have to be careful so we don't have an accident.) I am really hoping that this will be the only death they have to deal with for a long time.

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