Monday, April 4

Kiddie Catch-All Review

Even though my girls are getting bigger they are still in a car seat or booster. My older daughter is now 8 and can easily reach most of the stuff she wants if it is on the seat next to her. The Kiddie Catch-All worked great for her because even though I am a very safe driver stuff still shifts during a car trip. She does not have to ask me to try and reach for something on the floor at stoplights (they know not to ask when when the car is moving.) Now my younger daughter (age 5) is still in a 5-point harness so she does not have as large of an area she can reach. Usually she would ask her sister to get something for her. Now she has it all right there where she can reach it. Of course it mostly has become a seat for Hippo (her favorite stuffed animal). According to Princess A Hippo likes his car seat because is is so comfy. Princess G likes it because she can snack or play on the DS and Hippo can watch without getting in the way. When I was first was sent the Kiddie Catch-All I was not sure if it would be worth getting when my kids are not toddlers anymore but it really came in handy. I will say as useful as it was for us it would have been even more useful when they were little. I can remember times when they wanted something and since I was driving I could not get it or at least not fast enough before they were upset. The Kiddie Catch-All is so simple but the best ideas usually are.

The Perfect Accessory For Your Car, Truck or Minivan This post was written for Family Review Network & Kiddie Catch-All who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

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