Sunday, July 31

Moby by Contigo App Review

I love my iPhone and part of the reason are all of the great apps available. I admit I like to go to the apple store and explore different free apps. I am always downloading new ones and seeing if they work for me. Most apps are erased after only a few weeks or so. I found an app that I am keeping: Moby by Contigo! Moby lets you share your location with those you select. My husband has been home the last few weeks after ankle surgery. Since he is home I have been able to run errands without dragging my two children (they hate shopping.) Since I also downloaded the Moby app on our iPad my husband can see where I am with a few clicks. He can also send me a message or ask me to check in using the app. Since I tried to do many errands at once my husband can see where I am. If he sees that I am still at the library and he thinks of a movie (he has been watching lots of DVDs since he is still not walking without crutches) he can send me a message to pick it up. Earlier this week I had to attend a meeting in the evening in not the best area. My husband could see if I was still there or if I left and he can give me a call. Of course sometimes I sent my husband a message or just checked in (an alert with just my location and a request for his location) and he did not hear the iPad or it was across the room and not worth the pain to retrieve it. Later when the girls came to check and see if Daddy needed anything and they brought him the ipad he could see all of the messages and/or alerts I sent. The app will save up 25 such messages. I don't care if my husband knows where I am all of the time (I tell him where I am going always) but if you want to go somewhere without those in your Moby circle knowing you can click a button and not share your location. You can also decide to share your location with only certain people. You might want your friends to see where you are on the weekends but only your spouse or kids during the week. My husband has been home or with me so I never explored having someone else checking in but once he goes back to work it will be nice to check on him and see on Moby where he is on the drive home.

When I was setting Moby up I was able to send invitation to others to download Moby too. One thing I did not like is that currently you can only add people via your contacts and they must have a first and last name. That was a problem for me since my husband is listed by a nickname in my phone. Also you can not change any of the contact info once it is imported to Moby. If you need to change something you need to delete the person in Moby and reload their contact info from your phone. I actually sent a message to Moby about this. I was very impressed by how fast they answered my message. They informed me that they are already working on fixing that. Moby is only going to get better.
I highly recommend the Moby app. It works great on my iPhone and iPad and my husband is going to look into downloading it on his work Blackberry (he has to find out if he is allowed to since it is a company phone.)
If my kids had phones I would definitely put it on there phone.
If you decide to try Moby (it is free in the apple store) let me know what you think.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Moby and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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