Tuesday, August 9

Fijit Dance Party (Toy Review)

Have you heard of Fijits? They are the cutest, new interactiveAs soon as the box arrived my girls were so excited. They had never heard of Fijits before but as soon as they saw them they were so impatience to get the packaging off. Princess G kept pressing the button on the tummy for the demo mode as I opened up the package. Luckily for me the package was not to hard to open. They rest of the day all they did was play with their two Fijits. Princess G named her green one Sage and Princess A named her purple one Willa.
The Fijits interactive with set phrases. As the Fijit interacts just watch the tummy, when the tummy is lit up the Fijit is waiting for you to talk. We found it was best to be about a foot or two from the Fijit for the best interaction. It took a few times but my girls learned to only speak when tummy was lit and to speak in a normal voice. The different conversations are weather, how you are feeling and jokes. One additional mode is the dance mode, my girls favorite. All day I hear "dance with me", " your music or mine?" and then dancing. Fijits love dancing and will dance differently based on the type of music they are dancing too. My girls played some of their own music (mostly the Rio Soundtrack) but most of the time they just have the Fijits play the music. The girls were still constantly playing with their Fijits when we had a playdate Fijit party. Their friends thought the toys were so cool and spent most of the time just dancing with the Fijits, over and over again. I know more than one little girl will be asking their mom to buy a Fijit for them. One of their friends has even asked if the next time my girls go to their house to play if they would bring their Fijits. My girls have playing with the Fijits all of the time. Since we have two of them it is funny to watch them interact with each other. It does not work perfectly but with a few extra prompts it is fun to watch the Fijits and my daughters all dancing. Now we have started to find Fijits while shopping. Just yesterday we were in Target and my girls found a shelf of Fijits which they kept turning on. I highly recommend these fun toys but I suggest that purchase extra batteries. After about a day or so the Fijits started stopping suddenly while dancing and reseting as though they had just been turned on. I replaced all of the batteries (5 for each Fijit) and they have been working perfectly ever since then. Most times the batteroes that come with a toy don't last long so I always make sure I have extra batteries even when toys come with batteries.
I also made a few videos with my girls dancing with their Fijits. I will try and post them later.

wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Mattel Fijit Friends and received product samples, a party kit, and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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