Monday, November 19

Review: Raggedy Ann by Aurora

  I have been a huge fan of Raggedy Ann since I was little.  I had a bean bag Raggedy Ann and Andy until my puppy ate them.  I was so sad, my mom got me a new Raggedy Ann and this one was stuffed.  It looks very similar to the one pictured above.  My old one is lost somewhere in my Mother's garage.  When I was pregnant with my oldest my husband picked out a Raggedy Ann for our baby.  My youngest one always wanted one too but I could never find a Raggedy Ann she liked any where.  We were both so excited when Raggedy Ann arrived.  Princess G was just so happy that she had her very own Raggedy Ann.  She immediately started playing with her and that night she slept with her (and Hippo.)  Aurora carries a whole collection of Raggedy Ann and Andy
Raggedy Ann is just a classic so I was so happy to hear that they are now available.  They also have so cute Raggedy Ann purses but the full size doll is still my favorite.  If my mom could only find my missing boxes (they disappeared over 10 years ago when I went off to college) then we would all have our Raggedy Ann dolls to snuggle with.
Did you have a Raggedy Ann

I was provided the complimentary product by Aurora .  The opinion stated are my own.

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