Sunday, December 23

Review: APOLLO 13: MISSION CONTROL Interactive Show (with Discount Code)

We went to the Apollo 13: Mission Control yesterday and love it.  We sat at the front and were in charge of the communications.  Everyone had a job, depending on where you sit at the control panels.  They also have seats along the edge for the press galley (those who just want to watch the

During the show they asked for two volunteers to be interviewed by Walter Cronkite.  Princess A was picked for it and it was the highlight.  They projected her interview up on the screen during the show.  She can't stop talking about her interview. 

The show is fast and so much fun.  You really do become part of the show.  The girls are already talking about going to the show if it ever comes back.  The show is in Tacoma through next Sunday and then it is on to Spokane.  If you decide to go make sure you use the discount code "MOM".  For more detail about the show please see my previous
Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets to attend the show.

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