Wednesday, November 22

Review: Coco Movie

My whole family and I loved Coco.  My teen has been looking forward to this movie for so long and now that we have seen it, it was worth the wait.  The movie is just all about family and music.  The characters are just so colorful in more ways than one.

The movie starts out following Miguel and learning about his family. His family are shoemakers but don't allow music of any kind.

I just love this clip from the movie as it really shows how much music is forbidden by his Grandmother.  The movie is just so much fun.  Miguel learns so much about his family but they also learn about him and how music can bring people together.  Miguel goes on some crazy adventures and we enjoyed going along.  

The movie was also special to my family because both of my daughters are learning Spanish.  At the time we were able to see the movie they were extra excited to see a movie about Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead).  My youngest even made an alter in school similar to one in the movie for our pet who had passed.  

I highly recommend you and your family go see Coco, it is great for all ages including grandparents.  A perfect movie to see over this holiday weekend.

 Now we didn't get to see the OLAF’S FROZEN ADVENTURE during the preview so we might have to go again to see Coco and Olaf.

Disclosure: My family and I attended a preview of the movie and all opinions stated are my own.

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