Friday, February 15

Great Valentine's day

I made fun heart sandwiches for my princesses and we then made playdough hearts (I got the idea from (Gourmet mom on the go, she got it from scrumdily-do) for their Daddy. My darling husband picked up sushi and other Japanese food for our Valentine's dinner. I was happy just not to be cooking but it was also so yummy. We were all stuffed but the day still got better. DH got all three of his girls flowers (I got a bouquet of Lillies and a rose and the girls each got a single rose) and presents. The girls got their favorite Disney princess, prince, and carriage sets. They played with them all evening and all this morning. I got a new DS Nintendo game, Professor Layton and the Curious Village. I really like it so far though I have not gotten very far. The girls did not want to leave the house yesterday, except for the park, so I was unable to pick up something special for my DH. Instead I wrote out I heart U in his favorite M&Ms (green peanut) in a bowl of the pink valentine ones. A very nice Valentine's day and even better the house smells wonderful whenever I pass by my flowers!!

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