Saturday, February 23

Painting all week

When we moved into this house, over two years ago, Princess A's room was a beautiful blue but it had a lot of patches where the teenager, who had that room, had hung many things. We finally painted it. DH and I had been talking about it for a while so I was not too surprised last Sunday when he said lets go too Home Depot. Well we bought a lovely shade of light pink and came home. Did we start painting? No! Instead we spent most of the day on the yard. Then at 4 pm my DH started painting. I thought we should wait until this weekend but I was over ruled by the Princesses and DH. We painted every evening (I painted a few times during the week but with the Princesses 'helping' I got little done!) and by Thursday we were done!!! As usual my DH said "It looks great but I don't want to paint for a long time!" I always laugh since he says that every time.

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  1. This is so totally true. And painting with little ones is really hard!


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