Friday, March 11

Disneyland: Day Two

We decided to start the day at California Adventure so we could get fast passes for the World of Color. We also tried Redwood Creek Challenge for the first time.Princess G became a little scared on the rope tunnels and I ended up carrying her on my back.
Once we were at the bottom she and her sister had a blast climbing, sliding and going through tunnels together.
They both decided to try rock climbing and Princess A even made it all the way across.
Their favorite part was the zip line.
They both rode it over and over again!
Next we decided to try another first: Grizzly River Run!
Princess A and Daddy went and when they were done they had so much fun we decided to all go on (plus there was no line!)
We were all soaked but the girls most of all. They soaked the little shorts they were wearing under their dresses but luckily we had some pants for later that they were able to change into.
They both want to go again but I was wet enough.
As we were all drying off we also tried the Golden Zephyr and the Silly Symphony Swings.
Daddy went on the Golden Zephyr with us but decided that the swing were just too high. The girls and I loved them!
Even though we had fun in California Adventure Park the girls could not wait to get back to Disneyland. We went straight to Dumbo!
This ended up being our longest wait, a little over 20 minutes, but that was mainly due to some line jumpers. The girls both love Dumbo, it was both of their first rides ever at Disneyland.
We spent some time going on lots of rides for the rest of the afternoon.
Eventually we ended up in New Orleans Square where we bough the girls pirate swords. They had been wanting them for a while and we finally bought them.
They both had so much fun posing with their new swords and having mock sword fights.
We headed back to California Adventure Park for the World of Color. We showed up less than 5 minutes after we could enter the area and all the good spots were already taken and it was still over an hour until show time. About 30 minutes before the show they make you stand up and try and get people to squish forward. Every time we tried to sit down they came by and made us stand up. The show finally started and we had an OK view except for a big round lamp light and a guy in front of me that would not stop moving. It is standing room only so unless you get the very limited front area (which can get very wet) your kids can't see unless you hold them. My arms were ready to fall off by the end of the 30 minute show.
The show was fantastic but I am not sure I would go and see it again. The first ending with Mickey was great and it show have been the ending. Unfortunately they then had a mini light show about Tron. It was loud, annoying, too bright and just took away from the real show. The Tron guy just kept yelling about his father and other stuff. If you go, leave when the Tron part starts believe me you want to miss that. If you skip the Tron part it was a fantastic show. It is amazing what you can do with water and lights.

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