Thursday, March 10

Disneyland: Day One

Here we are just as we arrived in Disneyland.About an hour later my sister and her two kids we able to meet us.
My nephew is the little boy in orange to the right, he did not want to take a picture with all of the girls.)
These two were best friends immediately!
We rode on the small world, pirates, and a bunch in fantasy land including the carousel.
Princess G was not able to ride her favorite horse (Rosies) so she was a little sad. Of course right after the picture she was happy again. She really loves on particular horse which luckily she was able to ride eventually.
Here I am with my little sister.
Do you think she looks like me, minus the blond hair?
My sister was getting over a cold so they decided to leave before dinner. The girls were sad to say goodbye. I heard that in the car later they both asked to come back in two days and meet us again. It was wonderful seeing them and hope it is less than a year before we see them again!
After they left we found some dinner and went on a few more rides.
Princess A also had fun pushing her little sister, Princess G all over the park. The stroller is much to small for her but since Daddy's broken foot is still not quite healed we decided to bring it. There is no way I will be able to carry her when she gets tired. We decided not to stay until the park closed at eight since we had been up since about 2 am.
A long but wonderful day!!

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