Wednesday, June 8

Disneyland Day Four

This morning we waited to see theirWhile we were waiting we found a great group to take picturesFinally Auntie was here! We went straight to the submarine since it had less than a 10 minute wait (it was the shortest time we ever saw so we had to take advantage of that!)
Soon it was time to head over to California Adaventure so we could have breakfast at Areil's Grotto with all of the Princesses. Besides Ariel we took pictures with Snow White, Aurora, Cinderealla andAfter a big meal we explored the backlot area.
The girls love playing in this area, The next spot where you can add your voice to a cartoon or song is thier veryEventually Auntie had to rejoin her hich school band for some classes. We decided to hop on the train (to give Daddy's foot a rest.)
We stopped at the house of innovation and Princess A was picked to perform someThe girls loved all of the differnt stuff in the house and both would love to move in, of course part of the appeal is that Disneyland is right outside.
We planned on getting right back on the train but it was a very short line so we drove someEventually we rode the train to New Orleans Square.
I have never see the Mardi Gras Mickey and Minnie before, they were soWe staked out a spot to watch the Fantasmic show and ate Gumbo.
While we waited for the fireworks and then the Fantasmic show to start Daddy held our spot while the girls, Auntie and I took turns going on rides and exploring.
The two shows were simply great and well worth the wait!!

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