Wednesday, June 8

Disneyland Day Five

We started our last day inOf course our first ride had to be onAuntie Babe joined us just as Princess G finished another ride on Roses (a carousel horse) behindNext we tried Casey's Circus Train. I have not been on this ride in years.
Back for another ride onWe realized that we never got a picture with Mickey so we went to his house to try and find him.
Mickey was in his living room so after taking our picture we wandered through the rest of theAuntie Babe and Princess A decided to try and ride the roller coaster with their hands up the whole time.
At last it was time to battle Darth Vader. Princess G planned on battling him too but she started to feel a little sick on last day (mostly just being over tired.)
Princess A defeated Darth Vader just as we knew sheA picture with my cutie!
This is how we got around the parks.
Princess A loved pushing her sister but in crowds I usually took over so we would not rum overThis is my favorite picture of all of us from our trip.
Too soon it was time toHere we are back in Seattle at the airport.

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