Wednesday, February 20

Lotion bars

Last year my Mom bought me a lotion bar which I have to say I kind of forgot about for a while. Princess A does not like lotion at all on her hands. She will run to the bathroom and wash it off as soon as I put any on her hands (the rest of body is fine I can lather on all I want!). Well with the harsh cold weather her hands were stating to really dry out and crack. I remembered the lotion bar and she just loves it!! Well it is getting smaller and smaller so I need to get some more. Can anyone recomend a lotion bar to order? My mom picked this one up at a farmer's market on vacation so I can't get the same kind. I am looking for something all natural and maybe even a fun shape for my girls.


  1. You can get a lavender lotion bar from Tumbleweed Soap Company!


    Not looking to win but found these links for ya!

  3. These start at $2.75.

    I would love to win the calendar! My husband is in Iraq and I know that he would love a calendar with my son's picture on it.


    it's a massage bar, but I think it would work.

  5. This is my favorite:


  6. ---how to make your own. --- shapes and magic colors. --- bee on soap and lots of scents.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. Check out Primrose & Lavender Lotion Bar over at

  8. for a sorta virtual online Farmers Market you can check out they have soaps as well as lots of other stuff!

    that alcohol based hand sanitizer is DRYING my hands out too!


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