Monday, February 11

My weekend

I had such an exciting Saturday. I spent most of the late afternoon sewing my Princess A's two favorite stuffed animals. She has had them since she was born and the stuffing was not fluffy in the least. She has been hinting and telling me they needed to be fixed but I have been avoiding it for a few weeks. Well she found my bag of stuffing (I have been making crocheted cupcakes) and said "See Mommy you can fix Pinky and Sunny with this!" So I opened then up, removed the arms, removed old stuffing, restuffed and sewed them up. Now Pinky (and sunny, not pictured) are good as new.
Does not sound bad but these bears have been so well loved I had to match the seems exactly since the outside fur is several shades lighter that the orginal color. Hopefully the stuffing will last a little longer this time.
In any case my little Princess was so happy when I was done she danced and danced with Pinky and Sunny for a long time just because "Mommy I so happy!! Pinky and Sunny are new again!"
As long as they are happy right!!

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  1. Awwwwww! What a sweet mommy you are!

    Welcome to blogging and thanks for playing along in our Big Bloggy Move!


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