Sunday, March 2

Rough week

I am sick, trying to plan a birthday party only a week and a half away (I have to hand out invites tomorrow), my dh flew back to his parents suddenly this morning for funeral and I can't remember what else I am suppose to be doing. I just want to crawl into bed but my two Princesses are full of energy and running around. I tried to bribe them with a movie in our room (so I can dose while they watch) but they are not interested at all! My hubby is gone until Tuesday!! Normally I don't mind when he is gone, I miss him but we are fine. Can anything else go wrong? Well, yes! Someone stole my sister's house key off of her key ring at work. She did not realize it was gone until she tried to open her door. She is freaked out since it is really hard to get keys off and on her key ring so it had to be someone who really wanted her key. She is changing her locks and borrowing a dog (she might kept it if it works out.) Last night she slept somewhere else and today she is changing her locks.
One good thing that has happen is the Princesses got new shoes yesterday and just love them. Princess G really needed new ones as her toes were rubbing the end of her shoes.

Princess A just made me a get well card. She told me that it is a lots of water for me to drink so I can get better. What a sweetie!!


  1. Thanks for coming by and entering my contest. You got a ticket in the hat! Good luck! Hope you feel better.

  2. How sweet is that get well card - I love it!!!

    Thanks for entering the giveaway - good luck!

  3. Awwwww...what a sweet get well card! That is what life is all about. :)



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