Sunday, January 2

Polar Express Candy Train

Princess A's teacher had her class make a Polar Express Train out of Candy.
Since Princess G was done with school by the time they made the trains her teacher was nice enough to invite Princess G to make one too.

They did not have quite enough candy for Princess G to make her own train so she started the train tracks and when the teacher was done showing the class the different steps she gave Princess G her train to finish decorating.

We still have these trains sitting on my kitchen counter. The girls said they wanted to eat them but by now everything is very stale so tomorrow we will say goodbye to the trains (and the gingerbread house.)
Of course once the trains were done it was recess and they girls wanted to go out. The girls love having recess especially since they don't have it together unless I bring Princess G in the afternoon to visit (she only has kindergarten in the morning.)


  1. Is there a way I can get the shopping list and instructions for the Polar Express Candy Train? I would like to make it with my class. Thank You.

  2. Milky Way fun size
    Mini candy canes
    Mini chocolate chips
    Mini peanut butter cups (cut in half)
    Red hot tamales
    Red and green gum drops
    Snowman and Christmas tree marshmallow (they come together in a bag)
    M&ms (in the brown bag)
    Pull apart rope licorice
    Coconut shavings
    White frosting

  3. Each child also needs a 7x7 inch piece of cardboard wrapped in tinfoil
    Please email and I can try and get the direction for my daughter teacher. My older daughter did this two years ago but my youngest will be making them in two weeks with the same teacher.


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