Saturday, January 8

Our Christmas Morning

The girl opened one gift the night before, they each received a Pillow Pet and slept with it that night.
Santa left the girls a Santa ornament in their stocking, which they put on before even opening the rest of their gifts.

Santa brought just what the girls asked for: Tinkerbell music box, a Bella Sara horse, a mini Tangled doll and Tinkerbell the Great Fairy Rescue DVD.
At this point Princess A remembered that she had set up the camera by the tree to capture a picture of Santa. She checked and there was a picture of Santa in our living room.
It was a magical morning and I even received a new toy: an iPhone4!!!
I have been having so much fun playing with it, my first iPhone!!

The girls are showing off their favorite gifts from Santa, the Tinkerbell music box. The ballerina spins and can be replaced with Tinkerbell.
I hope you had as wonderful Christmas as we did.

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