Wednesday, April 18

WW: New Domino's Artisan Pizza

Last week I was lucky enough to win a free Artisan Pizza from Domino's during their Facebook promotion.  Today was the last day to redeem my coupon so the girls and I went for lunch right after school (they had a half day).  Princess A wanted to try the Italian Sausage and Pepper Trio (I ordered it with light banana peppers).  It was so yummy and the staff was so nice.  We ended up staying and eating our pizza right there.  Our new Domino's has 4 small stools and a counter for customers.  The girls really liked the pizza, minus the banana peppers.  They said that we have to bring Daddy next time.  The pizza was delicious but small since it is suppose to serve only two.  It was the perfect amount for the girls and me, but if Daddy had been with us we would of need two pizzas.  Have you tried the new pizzas from Domino's? What did you think?

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