Thursday, August 30

Crayola Color Wonder Review

I remember when my niece and sister came to meet my new baby.  My niece was on my carpet coloring with markers.  I was a little worried as she was only three and I really did not want different colored carpet.  My sister told me not to worry because it was Crayola Wonder!  I had never heard of it before that day over nine years ago.  Crayola Color Wonder markers (and other mediums) only work on special paper.  If the child colors off the paper the color is just clear but on the paper it is in color.  Ever since then I have been a fan of Crayola Color Wonder.  When Princess A started finger painting I got her Crayola Color Wonder finger paints so I did not have to worry about her coloring her clothes.  My girls are older but we still love Crayola Color Wonder.  They are perfect for home and on the go.  This summer we took many trips by car.  I had no worries that my kids would accidentally color my car or even the white duvets inside our hotel rooms. 

I was sent a box of different Crayola products to try.  As soon as the box arrived (it was right before bedtime) they could not wait to try them out.  The products were perfect as the following day we left on a short 3 day trip.  Princess A liked the Barbie Color Wonder pages and Princess G really liked the Matchbox Cars color Wonder pages as they are metallic when colored.  They both loved the dry erase, they kept taking turns drawing different super heroes. 
We took many trips this summer and each time we took the Crayola Color Wonder products.  The girls colored them in the car, in our hotel rooms and when we were out to dinner!

The information, products and additional Crayola Summer Fun gift pack was provided by Crayola® through MyBlogSpark.

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