Friday, August 31

Their New $25 Glasses from JCPenny

G in her first pair of glasses, we picked them up yesterday.  Princess G has been mentioning that things looked a little fuzzy so I wanted to have her eyes examined before school started. I did not really think she would need glasses. The Doctor said that she is just on the edge of needing glasses or not. They do make things clearer but her eyesight was good enough that she does not have to wear them. We left it up to Princess G if she wanted to get glasses or not. She said that she loves being able to see everything so much clearer and wanted to get them. We got a pair through our insurance and bought her a second pair from JCPenny. Her other glasses are still not in yet. 

 Princess A is wearing the new glasses we bought her earlier this month. 

Today is the last day for complete pair of glasses for only $25 at JCPenny. Even if your child already has glasses it is a great price for a back up pair of glasses. 

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