Thursday, August 16

WindTunnel Air Review

My husband is the main vacuumer in our home and he really likes this vacuum. The vacuum is not too heavy or bulky but still does a great job cleaning. We also have Dyson DC33 and the WindTunnel Air cleans the carpets just as well. The WindTunnel Air has a slightly smaller width compared to our other vacuum therefore the surface area cleaned on each pass is a bit smaller. My husband did notice that he had to make an extra pass to clean an area but it is so much lighter he did not mind.
The WindTunnel Air does not have a vacuum bag to change so you just dump the stuff you vacuumed up in the garage. Sometimes some dust is released but that is true with any bag less vacuum.

I am the one who uses the vacuum attachments. I like the WindTunnel Air attachments. For jobs that don't need much reach you just use the hose attached to the regular vacuum surface area. If you need to reach even high, say the top of a ceiling fan or air vents on the ceiling there is an additional hose extension. Both were easy to attach and remove. I figured out how to use the attachments with out using the instruction manual, unlike the Dyson. I had to read the Dyson manual to figure out the attachments.

My only problem with the vacuum is that the back wheels which are used when rolling the vacuum to another room while it is off are very small. I notice that it has a tendency to rock back in forth like a bad rolling suitcase. The vacuum is so light that it is easy to just carry it.

I also like that you can choose different height for the vacuum handle. My kids like vacuuming so I can set it to the shortest length for them and then extend it out for my much taller husband.

All in all I would recommend this vacuum. It does a great job cleaning, it is not so big it takes up your whole closet and is light enough to easily carry up and down the stairs.

I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own.

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